Small Tin Container

Do you always keep your food in the container? Well, for the powder food like chocolate and candy, you may need to keep in a safe place. Nowadays, people are trying to keep their food using metal containers. Yes, the metal container is preferred for the food container due to its advantages such as high durability, high sustainability, cheap, and environmentally friendly. Yes, the metal is more environmental friendly than plastic since it can be recycled. So, even you use the metal, you can still make the environmentally friendly. However, the problem of the metal is that the metal can conduct the corrosion easily. Therefore, the metal should be coated with other metals that have high corrosion resistance. One of the metal that can be used is tin. Yes, tin metal is widely used for coating other materials such as iron and aluminum. In addition, since the tin material has lightweight and cheap, it also can be used as the material for the container. 

Since tin is widely known as the material for the container, several factories develop high-quality small tin containers. One of the factories is the Crown Brand and Building Packaging. It provides a tin container with various sizes and designs. If you want to use the tin container with a small size, you may choose the rectangular metal box with the size 85 x 85 mm. Another size that can be chosen is 51 x 35 mm. This container box can be used for keeping your food in powder forms such as tea, coffee, chocolate, candy, and biscuit. If you don’t want to use the rectangular box, you can try the square metal box with the size 85 x 85 mm. This is the smallest size of the metal box. You may also choose the cut corner metal box with the size 86 x 86 mm. It still belongs to the small container that is made from tin metal. Or else, you may also choose the round small diameter metal with the size of diameter 79 mm. This metal container is easy to be brought and kept when you go traveling. You can also try the smaller diameter which is about 76 mm. In the term or round shape, you can also try the round welded shape metal with the diameter 68 mm. it’s so simple metal container. 

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Well, the advantage of purchasing the metal container from the Crown Company is that you can order the custom size and design. So, if you want to buy, you can call the customer service and tell them what you wanted. Another advantage is that the tin container is free from the BPA chemical which is widely known as the contaminant of the food during the industrial process. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your food when you keep the food inside the metal container. The factory also triesits best for keeping consistency in producing high-quality metal containers. They are aware that quality is important. 

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