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Chair Designs you should choose for your Interior Design

You should not ignore the importance of chairs in your interior design. They are an important aspect of any home decor and proper thought should be pu

You should not ignore the importance of chairs in your interior design. They are an important aspect of any home decor and proper thought should be put into buying the chairs. There are various designs, shapes, and sizes of these chairs you can find in the market. Besides providing a comfortable space for seating, these furniture pieces enliven the overall appeal of the setup. If you are not sure what chairs to buy for the interior design, mentioned below are a few commonly bought chairs for modern homes:

1 ) Armchairs

The most commonly used chairs in a house include armchairs. They have a straight back and armrests to ensure that the arms and elbows stay comfortable. You can choose either wood or upholstery, depending on your personal style. Also, they are available in many vibrant colours that easily complement various home decor. You can either buy a pair or place it as a standalone.

2 ) Bergere Chair

If you like French-inspired designs, you will surely love this chair design. This furniture piece is designed to ensure that it instantly enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. You can install this in the living room to complete the sofa set. The seat and backrest are a little overstuffed. With a curvy design, these beautiful leisure chairs are a perfect fit for both modern and traditional interior designs.

3 ) Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs are designed for the times when you want to lounge with your legs stretched. These chairs either come with in-built extensions or have a footrest to stretch out and sit comfortably. To enhance the appeal of the living room, bedroom, or study room, you can install these lounge chairs. They are easily available in various colours and designs. Hence, finding a design that complements the home decor will not be difficult.

4 ) Egg Chair

In the last few years, egg chairs are being commonly used in most contemporary households. As the name suggests, egg chairs are simply chairs shaped like eggs. If your house has an entertainment zone, you can place the chair in that setup so that you can comfortably enjoy watching any movie or playing a game. If you want a hanging chair for the porch or balcony, these chairs are an ideal choice as a hanging variant of these chairs is available as well. You can enjoy the sunsets sitting on your egg chair every day.

5 ) Fauteuil Chair

If you like traditional setups, you will surely fall in love with this chair design. This chair is a Victorian-style chair and is the ideal fit for your living space. You can easily find them in various styles that are very elegant and sophisticated. People who want a touch of opulence in the interior design can opt for fauteuil chairs.

6 ) Ladder-Back Chair

If you are looking for a chair for your dining setup, a ladder-back chair is just the thing you need. In simple words, ladder-back chairs are the most basic type of dining chairs available in the market. If you have a small apartment or house, these chairs are one of the most convenient choices as they are comfortable and minimalistic. They occupy very little space and are an economical option as well. Besides the dining space, you can use these chairs at other places as well like by the fireplace. To ensure that the chairs match the home decor, choose carefully from the various wood finishes and colour options available.

7 ) Rocking Chair

Although many people reckon that a rocking chair only looks good in a traditional setup, it is actually not true. They might be a little old-school but appear very stylish. These chairs allow you to make a swing-like motion while sitting on them. You can place them by the fireplace or the porch and sit on it while reading a book or knitting. Also, they are great for new moms as the motion helps to put children to sleep. This type of chair is liked by people of all age groups.