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Important Steps To Find Out The Right Estate Agent

So you have decided to sell your home. When it comes to selling a home, everybody thinks of no other questions than “ how to sell a home at the best p

So you have decided to sell your home. When it comes to selling a home, everybody thinks of no other questions than “ how to sell a home at the best price?”. Finding a suitable buyer is not hard if you follow certain guidelines of selling a home, but hiring an estate agent would make the process easy.

Estate agents are experienced individuals or organisation that handles selling, renting and management of properties and other buildings. These individuals have credentials and long experience of sale, lead nurturing which make them easy for properties to sell. Although, estate agents are your medium to reach potential buyers but choosing the right agent is more important to make your expectation comes reality.

When it comes to deciding an estate agent below mentioned are the checklist you should go through. So here is “How to choose an estate agent that gives you a good return on your home?”.

  • Ask for recommendation


Ask your family, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors if they sell their property through any agents. If yes, ask about their experience, services and overall satisfaction with their agents.

Search online forums, social media communities for referral of nearby agents.

  • Select a short list of estate agents

Shortlist 3-5 recommendation based on the reviews. Search about them online and read about other customer testimonials for a perfect list.

  • Check industry credentials

 Industry standard norms are mandatory for all agents. There are certain organizations like GPEA (Guild of Professional Estate Agents), NAEA(National Association of estate agents) which provides the credential to its members. So choose agents who are members of such association. Estate agents in Chelmsford are highly credentialed to these organizations.

  • Invite them to value your property

 Invite all of your shortlisted agents to value your home one by one. Notice every factor they use to evaluate the value of your home.

  • Ask questions

Asking the right questions help maintain clear expectations from both sides, you and your agent. Some questions to ask:

  1. The reasoning behind the valuation of your home?
  2. How much they charge as a commission?
  3. How will they market your property? Who will pay the extra charge of advertisement,

legal procedures?

Compare the answers to every question and find a legitimate choice for your home. If you find difficulty in comparing each, ask for some help from a friend or acquaintances.

  • Read Contract terms and conditions carefully

 After carefully analysing the shortlisted agents, it’s time to read the terms and conditions of the contract. Clarify every aspect of the contract that may disrupt the future relationship between you and your agent.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to choose a perfect estate agent for your home. Work as a team having a clearly defined goal of selling your home at a perfect price. Estate agents in Chelmsford are highly motivated and result oriented to sell your home hassle free.