How To Style The Top Knitwear Trends This Summer

Knitwear trends have made a huge comeback over the past few years, with the global market valued at $644 billion in 2021. This is predicted to grow 1

Knitwear trends have made a huge comeback over the past few years, with the global market valued at $644 billion in 2021. This is predicted to grow 12.10% annually, reaching $1605 billion by 2030, so there is no slowing down for knitwear fashion trends. 

Knitwear is known for warmth and cosiness which makes it a classic staple throughout the winter months, however, recently it has become a regular summer fashion staple. There is now a plethora of summer knitwear pieces that are sure to have been styled by all your favourite celebrities and influencers. 

This resurgence has been influenced by popular TikTok fashion trends ‘coastal grandmother aesthetic’ and 70’s fashion inspiration. Furthermore, thanks to apps like Depop and Etsy there are more yarn enthusiasts than ever selling their handmade knitwear pieces online. From crochet bags to sheer knits, here are the go-to styles this summer and how to style them.

  1. How to style a knitted maxi dress this summer

You may have seen the knitted cut out style maxi dress that has become a holiday fashion staple. The Serita dress by Cult Gaia is the ultimate example of a knitted maxi dress that is designed for comfort while embracing elegance. The fashion favourite has been spotted on celebrities, from Hailey Bieber to Rosie Huntington-Whitele, and is widely accessible due to an abundance of affordable dupes on the market.

Knitwear can sometimes be hard to style due to its casual nature, so accessories are the way to go when it comes to elevating your knitted look. Try pairing cork platform sandals with your favourite pair of sunglasses to make the perfect daytime holiday outfit. If you want to take it one step further, style with a pair of branded sunglasses for the ultimate boujee knitwear look. This can easily be transformed for evening time by switching out the sandals for a pair of striking heels. As a general rule of thumb matching heels with a clutch bag will add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Simplicity is key with this look, let the dress do the talking.

2. Achieve the ultimate beach day look with a crochet bag

Crochet bags are currently all the rage in the fashion world. Pinterest searches have soared for crochet bags with a 63% increase since last year. Everyone from independent stores to high end luxury designers have hopped on the crochet trend, Parada’s raffia tote bag has taken over as a popular high-end beach bag choice despite the hefty price tag. 

Crochet bags are the perfect summer staple; they come in a range of different colours and sizes making them ideal for a range of occasions. Crochet’s stretchy nature makes for the ultimate beach bag allowing room for all the essentials from sun cream to beach towels. Opt for a timeless and effortlessly chic beach look by styling with your favourite bikini, a pair of denim shorts and open linen shirt. 

3.Styling a crochet shrug for festival season

Festivals have become renowned for their fashion, events like Coachella attract hundreds of celebrities and influencers every year solely to showcase their best on trend fits. Over recent years knitwear, especially crochet, has become a big craze within the festival fashion industry.

Festivals tend to last until the early hours of the morning making it difficult to dress comfortably from day to night. Crochet shrugs have become a staple festival fashion piece for this exact reason, they’re cropped design allows an extra layer of warmth on cold evenings. 

Crochet shrugs come in a range of fun colours from pastels to neon’s so they’re perfect if you’re looking to stand out this festival season. As a statement piece they work best by elevating a basic look, for the ultimate on trend outfit layer over a vest top and pair with your favourite denim maxi skirt and some chunky boots. As a general rule of thumb, you can achieve the most with a shrug when it is paired amongst similar colour palettes, so a blue shrug works perfectly with blue denim. 

4. How to style sheer knitwear on summer evenings

Sheer fashion is in the running for one of the most popular fashion trends for summer 2023 and yarn is being seen as one of the popular materials to achieve this. It may seem crazy to wear knits during summer, however, this is not the heavy and bulky knitwear you may be imagining. Sheer knitwear is perfect to style from day to night, its breathable qualities prevent overheating during the daytime, while adding a light layer for chilly evenings. 

Sheer knitwear can be easily adapted for a range of different looks. Layering is your best friend with sheer knits, for the beach pair a sheer knit tank top over a bikini to create a simple and relaxed look. If you’re wanting to cover more skin, then try pairing it with a plain bandeau top for the same effect. When it comes to accessories a pair of thin frame sunglasses and a simple shell necklace work perfectly to tie the whole look together.

5. How to get the ultimate festival look with a knitted co-ord 

A co-ord is a festival staple that looks super cool while requiring minimal effort. Crochet co-ords are a particularly popular fashion choice especially with the current revival of 70s inspired fashion. Co-ords are simple to style, with most of the outfit taken care of it just leaves accessories to complete the look. 

Colour-coordinating is a fun technique for festival fashion. Co-ords that incorporate a mini skirt or shorts are perfect when paired with a matching pair of knee-high boots. This style has recently been showcased by Love Island star Tasha Ghouri at Coachella and it certainly drew the public’s attention with claims that she was one of the ‘best dressed’ influencers at the event. 

Balance is key with this look; it is important not to combine too many different colours and patterns with a co-ord outfit. Co-ords are designed to create a seamless and high fashion look with minimal effort, too many contrasting accessories can overwhelm and ruin the look.