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Introduction Writing is something which connects one to another. A good writing skill attracts everyone and is praised at every corner of the world


Writing is something which connects one to another. A good writing skill attracts everyone and is praised at every corner of the world. For a person, it is very important to have good writing skills, which is important that they start learning right from the beginning or from a young age. 

With good writing skills, communication becomes easier and also helps to perform well in academics. Apart from having advantages, children find it boring to write things, as a result their writing skills are degrading day by day. Also! It has been seen that less attention is given by the teachers upon increasing writing skills. 

Lack of writing skills is a tension for many parents nowadays. They are in continuous search for ways which could be helpful in developing and enhancing their child’s writing skills. 

In this article, I will be listing a few ways to develop children’s writing skills. Have a look at them– 

  • Read– Reading habit is something which improves the writing skills of the children.  Children should make a habit of reading books or newspapers on a daily basis. When children read something, they get a chance to improve their vocabulary skills and they will also be exposed to various new words. When they read something new everyday they will apply it in their writing. Having a good vocabulary itself develops good writing skills. There are many students who dislike reading. So! In that case parents have to take initiative and motivate them to read books, novels, newspapers etc. 
  • Make it fun- anything that is fun doing is loved by everyone and is surely the first choice of everyone. Reading books may seem to be boring to many students. So! Parents should take care of their children. Parents should try to make writing fun in order to develop writing skills in their children. They should introduce their children with something different which their children can enjoy doing. Things like crossword puzzles, games like word games, theme based writing books etc can help them much in developing their interest in writing.  
  •  Create writing worksheets-  for kids just teaching them how to write is not enough. They need extra care in order to learn and develop their skills. In order to make them more efficient parents and teachers must create a writing worksheet. There is a popular saying that “practice makes the man perfect”. The more the children will practice the more good they will become. Worksheets could be of many types like- parents can ask their child  to trace letters and words, or could ask them to write by joining the dots etc. By learning and practicing through worksheets children will be able to develop  interest in writing. 
  • Try different materials- Writing through the same pen and pencil mode could seem to be boring to many childrens. As a result they lose their interest in writing. So, to bring back their interest and to keep their learning mode on parents should introduce them with a different but better writing material. Children love to do experiments and when it comes to writing skills it seems they need exposure to some new materials  – chalk and slate, sidewalk chalk, Painting using fingers, salt tray writing etc. Using new methods will help children to develop their interest in writing. 
  • Writing letters- Earlier people used to write a letter to their family members or to their loved ones in order to communicate with them. Writing letters was a medium of communication in the old days. Though this generation is technology dependent and thinks writing letters to be boring and old fashioned, one cannot deny the fact that writing letters helps to improve writing skills. It gives a platform to use new words and also to learn new words. Therefore, every parent and teacher should ask their child to write letters to their elders or friends in order to develop writing skills. 

Final Words


Children nowadays are technology dependent which is very badly impacting their writing skills. Therefore it’s important  to make them aware of the advantages of learning  writing.  Care and attention must be given to enhance writing skills. Try the above mentioned ways for better development of skills.