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How To Develop A Stronger Reading Habit?

In this modern era, it is very important to have good communication skills and strong vocabulary. Many people lack in this area, which leads to many p

In this modern era, it is very important to have good communication skills and strong vocabulary. Many people lack in this area, which leads to many problems. The best way to increase your vocabulary is to read as much as you can. Yes! Reading plays a very important role in learning new words and its meaning everyday. 

So it is advised to start developing reading habits right from a young age in order to avoid complications and problems related to it.  Here are some of the very interesting ways to develop a strong reading habit. Have a look at them one by one- 

  • Create a reading- To develop a reading habit in yourself it is important to make a checklist first. Making a checklist will make it easier for you to decide what you have to read. Make a list of books, novels etc you want to read for a day. In this way you will be able to go through the topics which you have never gone through. It is not  important that making a checklist means you have to stick to the listed books and novels. It may happen that others might have a better checklist than yours. So! For a better reading experience you can read books and novels that are listed in others. Also! There is no need to stick only to books and novels. You can read from e-books available online. 
  • Set a goal– setting a goal for yourself is very important. Without a goal everything is incomplete. It may happen that you might get demotivated and end up quitting reading. This should not happen. To develop a good reading habit it is important to read everyday. In order to keep yourself motivated and regular you can set a goal for yourself. When you set a goal you will have a benchmark to achieve everyday in life. It’s on you how you set a goal. You can set a goal for the entire week or year and also for each day. 
  • Schedule a time for reading-  You must have seen children complaining about mismanagement and lack of time, which results in incomplete work and tension. Well! This may occur because of disturbed schedule and mismanagement of things. If you really want to read and develop a good reading habit then it is important that you fix a time for reading. Yes! When you fix the exact time you will be able to read properly without any problem. Also do not schedule any other work during the fixed  time and avoid wasting time. Keep a reading time slot which suits you the best.
  • Find a good place to read- Place plays a very important role in reading. For example- suppose if you are in a crowded place or a place full of noise and you are asked to read, will you be able to read with full concentration? Definitely not. Distraction is not good for reading and it leads to lack of concentration. So! Whenever you are trying  to read something sit or choose in a place away from any kind of distraction. Choose a place where there is no noise and have pin drop silence. Places like a closed room, library, corner of the house etc, are the best for reading. 
  • Eliminate distractions- Things like mobile phones, music, TV etc are the major source of distraction nowadays. Children get easily distracted by these things. In order to read properly it is important that you stay away from such distractions and focus only on your books. Distraction could be because of many reasons. Another major distraction is friends. Yes! Friends are another major distraction at the time of reading. So! Before you start reading, ask your friends not to disturb you as you need to concentrate fully on your reading. 

Final Words

Reading is something which many students or children find boring to do. They seem to be less interested in reading books which will have a direct negative impact on  their academics. As we know reading has many benefits so parents and teachers should make their child familiar with it. Reading habit does not develop in a single day, it takes time to develop a habit. So! By following the above mentioned steps, one can easily develop a reading habit.