Which Xbox One Controller is Bluetooth?

Introduction Children seem to be fond of games, especially in the summer. Video games and indoor games are the best. We see that children spend much


Children seem to be fond of games, especially in the summer. Video games and indoor games are the best. We see that children spend much of their time playing games. Talking about video games, they are more famous among children than any other indoor games. Nowadays, video games consoles like the Xbox one and the Xbox Series are considered to be the best. But playing video games requires a controller in order to control it. 

For home video games consoles like Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, you need an Xbox Wireless Controller. The best thing about it is that apart from controlling an  Xbox One and Xbox Series home video games consoles you can use this wireless controller in Windows based PCs and goes well with macOs, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. Developed and manufactured by Microsoft, Xbox Controller is an eighth and ninth generation video game controller. 


Mentioning the layout becomes very important when talking about the video game controller. When you look closely at the layout of Xbox One Controller, you will find that there is not much difference between the layout of the Xbox One Controller and the layout of Xbox 360 Controller. On the Xbox One Controller you will find  four main face buttons, two shoulder bumpers, two analog triggers, two analog articles and a digital D pad. The only difference is that, instead of “Start” and “Back” buttons in Xbox One Controller you will get “Menu” and “View” buttons. There will be white backlit Xbox logo on the ‘Guide’ button.  Also you will not find any “ring of light” indicator as well. 


For making the suitable and refined controller for three Xbox One; Microsoft  seems to invest a huge amount of $100 million. While making the Xbox One Controller the designers of Microsoft have made sure that they do pure justice to it. Though the fact that there is not much difference between found in the overall layout the Xbox One Controller and Xbox 360 Controller but no one can deny the fact that Xbox One Controller is more refined version of Xbox 360 Controller. 

The makers have removed the battery compartment and have paid extra attention towards enhancing and redesigning grips. You can track your Xbox One Controller with the help of a light emitter. Being able to track means that you can find it even if it enters a low power state. Xbox One Controller contains a new proprietary protocol having greater bandwidth which helps in much finner communication. Not only this, the Xbox One Controller has the latest and updated 4 way design along with buttons positioned closer to each other. 

Here is the list of Xbox One Controllers designed by Microsoft. 

Model No Launched Year 
1537 2013
1697 2015
1698 (Elite) 2015
1708 2016
1797 and 1914 2019 and 2020 respectively.


Now, with each passing day the demand of users also gets modified and they start demanding for Xbox One Controllers supporting bluetooth connectivity. There has always been confusion among users about which Xbox One Controller has bluetooth features? 

Well! From now onwards there won’t be any confusion. I will be listing all the Xbox One Controllers which have bluetooth features in the coming paragraphs.

So! From the above mentioned list of various Xbox One Controllers, the model numbers- 1708, 1797 (Elite 2) and 1914 comes with bluetooth features. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Model 1708. 

Xbox One Controller Model 1708, has a faceplate and is considered to be the better version of model – 1537 and 1697. It was launched in the year 2016 and provides bluetooth support for windows 10. The X button in Xbox One Controller Model 1708 is not covered by plastic in order to separate it from other buttons. 

Features Model 1708. 

  • It has “Menu” and “View” buttons rather than “Start” and “Back” buttons. 
  • It gives high quality gaming experience with the help of individual rumble motors. 
  • On switching on, the colour turns to white. 
  • X, Y, A, B and A buttons are colored.
  • You can charge it even if it is plugged into the console with the help of a micro-USB cable located at the top of the controller. 
  • First controller with Xbox Design Lab option.
  • Best fit for PC gaming. 

Xbox Model 1797

Released on 4 November, 2019 this Xbox One Controller Elite Series 2 is considered to be the upgraded and more refined version of Elite Series 1, which was released in the year 1698. It goes well with PCs having Windows 10. Having adjustable thumbsticks, this model has bluetooth features. It was especially made keeping in mind the latest needs and demands of the user.  

Xbox Features Model 1797

  • Adjustable thumbsticks.
  • Trigger locks are shorter hairs. 
  • Have a rubberized grip.
  • It features different  (about 30) new  ways to play
  • Able to save 3 custom profiles and 1 default profile. 
  • Long lasting battery ( about 40 hours).
  •  Have 3.5 mm headset jacks.
  • Is capable of connecting to Windows 7 PCs. 

Xbox Model 1914 

Released in the year 2020, this Xbox One Controller is a perfect replacer of Xbox One Controller model- 1708. It goes well with PCs and Xbox One consoles. It is famous for its full faceplate covering based on the LB/ RB mechanism. Also what makes Xbox One Controller unique is the presence of USB-C instead of  Micro USB. This model is another and last one in the list to have bluetooth features. 

Xbox Features Model 1914 

  • X button is situated on the front of the controller.
  • Start and Back  buttons are replaced by Menu and View buttons. 
  • Have individual rumble motors which are known to give high quality gaming experience to the users.
  • Coloured buttons in the Xbox One Controller are – X, Y, B and A .
  • It has a USB-C port instead of Micro-USB port. 
  • Have a jack of 3.5mm.
  • Have a “share” button on the controller.
  • Windows 10 is required to use its custom mapping features.

As much as it is Important to know which Xbox One Controller has a bluetooth feature, it is equally important to know how to connect it with your PCs and Phones. Let’s understand and learn this in detail. 

How to Connect My Xbox One Controller to My PC?

Since the above-mentioned  Xbox One Controllers have bluetooth features, connecting them to PCs  is n’t a big task. All you have to do is to follow the given steps. 

  • Go to your PCs setting.
  • After that click on the devices and then click on the bluetooth settings.
  • Meanwhile, Switch on your pad with the help of a guide button and press sync button which is located at the top of Xbox Logo Blink. 
  •  Now, look at the list of available devices showing in your PC. 
  • Now, choose your device and connect it. 

How to Connect My Xbox One Controller to My Phone? 

Phones are our best friends and are easier to carry than PCs. So! You should know how to connect your Xbox One Controller to your phone. Just follow these simple steps- 

  • First of all, turn on the bluetooth option in your phone.
  • Put the controller pairing mode on. 
  • Now, in your phone go to the bluetooth settings and look for available devices.
  • Choose your Controller’s name from the list and click on the paired button.
  • Your Controller is now paired with your phone.

So! It ain’t a difficult task right ! By following the above mentioned steps you can easily connect your Xbox One Controller to your PCs and Phones.


According to today’s generation, it has become very much important to have a bluetooth feature in your video game controller. Here is an Xbox One Controller for you that has a bluetooth feature. So! Whenever you are buying an Xbox One Controller then it is advisable to look at the model number. If it isn’t visible then open its battery compartment at the back and look at the model number. If it’s- 1708, 1797, 1914 then your controller has bluetooth connectivity. 

Thank You!