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How to Grow Small Business Ideas with SEO Marketing

Today, nearly every business depends on online world. People are searching products in online what they want to use. Over 4 billion people in the worl

Today, nearly every business depends on online world. People are searching products in online what they want to use. Over 4 billion people in the world now being on the internet, immense part of that visibility in online are digital marketing, social media and email inboxes. Organic search is the biggest driver of website traffic, about 35% visits coming from Google and other search engines. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas) are usually cloud service and people want to know every possible alternative present out there. In order to complete those alternative products, your business must use SEO marketing to promote its sells. Here are few tips that help you to grow your small business and making profit with the SEO marketing.

1.  Dropshipping E- commerce Business

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method and it does not keep the products it sells in stock. It purchases the products from the third party when a store sells a product and it has shipped directly to the customers. In India, drop shipping is a very cost –effective way for newer to start an e-commerce business. Drop shippers in India are free to market their business to those outside of India but Indians e-commerce market will continue growing making it a worthwhile market to drop ship into. You just have to list products from different online drop shipping merchants like Meesho, Ali Express and Amazon and you are all set to earn the profit. They provide their Plugins for Shopify and WordPress you can directly use them to list their products on your website. And here SEO marketing comes into play. You also can promote your products by optimizing them for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

2. Social Media Marketing Firm

Social media is always a favorite time-pass, now you can earn money through social media. Now you are astonished to think that how can you earn money with the help of social media? Let me explain it. The everyday a huge number of products and services are coming out in the market. Some companies use the media as their weapon, but not everyone knows how to promote and market their products on social media and how to use SEO in their social posts. You can do that job for them and you also can manage their social media profiles and market their products in an efficient way.

3. Blog and News Websites

The blog is the best way to earn money, 90% of the knowledge you get from the internet in the form of texts are blogs. Not everyone can share their knowledge, thinking, and skills on YouTube in the form of videos, but opinion sharing your knowledge always helps you and you can also start your own blogging site or news websites sharing your knowledge and start earning money. You can optimize your blog for search engines and rank it on the first page of Google search results so that people can easily find your site. You can also use Ad sense and Affiliate marketing to earn money from that traffic.


4. Business and Life Counseling Service

Many people are not open and confidence to conquer the world with their business plan even if their idea is inclined enough to do that. A business and life counselor helps us in understanding and tackling real problem in our dreams and in the execution of our idea. You can help people who want to do amazing and memorable things in their life but they don’t know how to start. You can share your business experiences online and do some SEO marketing on them in order to get a potential client, who can pay you for your knowledge.
These are few tips promising by me and there are also thousands of ideas that help you to earn a good amount of money. We are in a world where for online businesses, SEO marketing, Social media marketing plays an effective role to enhance your business.

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