Smaller than a regular pencil eraser, the nasty little bed bugs measure around 3 – 5 millimeter in width. So, you can just forget about the misconcep

Smaller than a regular pencil eraser, the nasty little bed bugs measure around 3 – 5 millimeter in width. So, you can just forget about the misconception that you cannot see them with your naked eye.

Do you know that the bed bugs are very tough to kill and they ought to reproduce quickly? Also, they are not only found in the crevices of the bed but they can also be found in a traveling bag, couches, jackets, and many more places where they can find a combination of carbon dioxide and heat.

They are really smart and they know how to hide well in order to avoid detection. The bed bugs usually have a life span of at max a year, in which the female lays approximately 500 eggs. Worried about their appetite? Well, these bloodsuckers ought to live for a few months between meals.

Most of the new house owners are well aware of the fact that the bed bugs are enough to wreak havoc in the house. At night, when you get into your bed, they ought to leave you with red itchy welts all over your body once you wake up.

Below is a step by step guide on how to get rid of these bloodsucking bed invaders. If in case you are not able to get rid of them on your own, you may simply get aid from an expert exterminator.    

Step#1: Clearly Look For The Infested Areas

If you think that you have some uninvited bed bug roaming around in your beds, you may want to find them as early as possible, before they start to reproduce. It is considered to cost less and the process of treat a small infested area is comparatively easy than a large area. However, small infested areas are very hard to detect.

Make sure that you look in these areas too:

  • Near the tags of the mattress
  • Crevices of the bed frame
  • In the baseboard
  • In the joints of the furniture
  • Beneath loose wallpapers

Step#2: Contain The Infestation

Once you are sure about the fact that your house is infested with bedbugs, now you need to keep them contained in order for you to get rid of them ASAP. Perhaps the easiest way of getting rid of these bloodsuckers is your household vacuum cleaner. You just need to run the cleaner in every possible hiding place. These areas include.

  • Crevices of the bed
  • The Dresser
  • In the carpet
  • Electrical appliances

Step#3: Prepare To Treat The Infestation

In order to maximize the odds of a successful bed bug treatment, you ought to do some prep work. You need to make sure that all of the potential infested areas have been thoroughly cleaned or a better option is to dispose of them.

Choose to get rid of every hiding place of the bed bugs. Remember do not move any item from an infested room to a clean one or else they might spread in the clean room too.

Step#4: Time To Kill the Bed Bugs

Even the bed bug removal services provider do not choose to remove the bed bugs without chemicals at first. These bugs are pretty to kill by heat treatment. You can choose to.

  • Wash the bedding or clothes in hot water for an hour
  • Use a steamer on mattresses
  • Leave the infested items out in the scorching heat
  • Or put the infested items in a freezer for at least a week

When these methods do not work, you are free to use insecticides.

Step#5: Monitoring The Infested Areas

You are at a mistake if you think that you will be able to get rid of the bed bugs over the night. Until or unless you choose to shift houses, buy new furniture, and buy new clothes. So, before you can trust that your removal treatment has worked, you need some proof.

Check the infested area for about a week for signs of activity.

Step#6: Retreat If Necessary

These bloodsucking bugs are often very stubborn to completely get rid of. Just when you think that you have gotten rid of the once and for all, they ought to return again.

For getting rid of them now, you may have to try a different treatment. Even if they do not go away with these new treatment methods, hire the best beg bug exterminator near you.

Step#7: Involve The Pros

Well, frankly speaking, you on your own might not be able to get rid of the bed bugs. That is why you need to hire a professional exterminator to handle such a process. Some of the insecticides used in the bed bug treatment are not available for you they are only for the professionals to use.When you choose to hire the best bed bugs control company, follow their instructions carefully and you’d get the best chance of getting rid of these kind of bugs for good.