Be it your standard cable set top box or the device from your Airtel DTH; you need to learn how to connect it to the TV. Connecting wire is not a complicatedjob for which you would need to call the service professionals. You can do it quite easily on your own. With just a little guidance, you would understand what you would need to do. Let us go through a step-by-step process to see how to connect the set top box to your TV.

#1. First insert batteries into your remote control unit. This will allow you to check if you have made proper connections and validate your efforts.

#2. You would need to connect an end of the Ethernet Cable to a free port of the router provided by the Internet service providers. The ports are generally marked with yellow or could even be blue on some occasions. However, you would be easily able to identify which port the cable would go into. Also, both the ends of the cable are similar, and you do not need to worry about which end you plug in.

#3. You need to connect the other end to the set top box. This connection will ensure that your set top box is fed the data. Theset top boxwill then decode the data and project the input into the TV.

#4. Following this, you would need to connect the black RCA cable. If you have an HD TV and are going for an HD connection, you would need to plug in the HDMI cable. You need to make a not of which HDMI you are connecting as there could be 3 different connections.

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#5. You would need to connect the other end of the RCA or HDMI cable to the back of the set top box.

#6. If your TV is not ready for HD connections, then you would need to use the 3-plug cable. You would need to connect the red-white-yellow connectors to the corresponding sockets of the TV. You would need to connect the plugs to the sockets bearing the same colour. The other end has to be connected to the SD video socket of the set top box.

#7. Now you would need to power the set top box with a suitable adaptor and plug it to the set top box.

#8. You would need to connect the set top box and switch to the HDMI channel that you are using. If you are using the 3-plug cable, you would need to select the VGA channels that you have connected the cable to.

#9. The set top box will begin the start-up process, and it would take a few minutes to complete.

#10. Once the loading process is complete;you can use the remote control to select the channel that you want to watch.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to connect your Airtel set top box to the TV. If you want to buy a new set top box then visit the URL –

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