Everything You Need To Know About Depreciation Schedule Brisbane

A tax depreciation schedule is something that can help a person lower the amount of tax he pays. According to Australian law, if a person purchases a

A tax depreciation schedule is something that can help a person lower the amount of tax he pays. According to Australian law, if a person purchases an asset with the sole purpose of earning a living, he is allowed to claim deductions against the taxable income. It is an amount which is an acquired cost upon the asset’s original value. It is also one of the most under-employed rights of property investors. The tax depreciation schedules are different from other deductions which are related to the property investment. It is a deduction that can be claimed without much cost in a year. It is a one-off fee payment for which a person can receive a 40-year depreciation schedule. A property valuer’s advice can be really useful here and hiring one could benefit a lot. Here are the advantages of a tax depreciation schedule Brisbane.



A depreciation schedule can be made into two divisions. The first one is a capital work and plants and the other is the article. The capital works are productive structure costs and improvements or additions to the property. These assets are usually depreciated over 40 years and more. The factory and articles called as plants and equipment which are movable assets such as glass furnishing, devices, carpeting, exhaust, etc. These asset decrease at varying proportions which are based on the type of asset and their lifespan as decided by depreciation on investment property ATO. The lifespan of these items falls into the range of 5-15 years. 

Why are tax depreciation schedule?

The depreciation schedule can be altered to maximize the advantages as per the Australian tax law. It includes direct write-offs and low-value pooling. It also includes taking in the support of partners and raise thresholds. Once the inspection is complete and the data gets accumulated in one file, it is given to the accountant. The information is put in a compatible format. It helps ease the workload and leads to various benefits that can exceed the expectations of the investors in the long run. 


This law was passed to benefit the people who purchase a property to earn income and it does that very well. The owners are paid depreciation on the repairs and improvements they make to the property. The repairs are subject to immediate depreciation while the improvements are depreciated over time according to their shelf life or lifespan. An owner can save a couple of thousand dollars in tax on the property. The depreciation percentage for houses built after 18th July 1985 is 2.5% and in some cases 4% depending on the period it was built in. 


It is one of the easiest ways to minimize tax which is often neglected by people as they are unaware of it or just want to skip it. It can save a person over $20k on the investment loan which is not a small amount by any means. It is better to get in touch with property valuers or advisors to understand the process in detail and gain maximum benefits from it. People should also understand clearly that this is not just applicable to the new properties. 

To get the best advice hire Brisbane valuation service, get in touch with Australian Valuers. Their experts can explain the depreciation schedule process in detail and help put it in motion. Having professionals take care of business would get the process done easily and save time and money as the services are reliable and affordable.