How Technology is Shaping the Senior Care Industry

Technology continues to have a positive impact on our living environments and our daily activities.  One of the areas where we have seen technology ch

Technology continues to have a positive impact on our living environments and our daily activities.  One of the areas where we have seen technology change the traditional approach of doing things is in senior care. The nursing home facilities are changing from the traditional model and adapting to the modern day way of doing things.  Technology in senior care is driving the change. In this article, we review how technology is shaping the senior care industry. Keep reading to find out the role that technology has played in bringing about a new approach to how nursing homes deliver their services.

  1. The Emergence of Robots in Senior Care Leading to Efficient Service Delivery

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled the use of robots in healthcare. One of the use cases is in the provision of senior care services. We have seen leaders in technology come up with robots and artificial intelligence technology that is able to take up the part of the role of caregivers. Therefore, seniors can choose to have artificial intelligence technology as part of their caregiving at their own home. So how do these robots function?

Robots use data collected from the senior in decision making. This data is collected through wearable used by seniors and IoT sensors. This data is then taken through deep analysis and an algorithm is used on the robot to deliver senior care services. As a result, we have seen senior care facilities being operated by less staff as the caregivers in the traditional model find alternative careers. In addition, we see more efficiency in the senior care industry. This is as a result of using robots that can multitask and attend to needs of multiple patients at a time.

  1. Mobile Apps Have Enabled Self Care for Seniors

Another important role of technology has been the enabling of seniors to monitor their health. Through the use of apps developed for seniors, they are able to keep an eye on their health status and therefore reduce the need of having a full-time caregiver. A simple application installed on the senior’s mobile device can remind them when it is time to take medication. Therefore, those struggling with memory problems can use these apps to remind them of things they need to do. Another good example is the use of apps to educate the seniors on basic health care tips. Therefore, as more seniors adapt to the use of mobile devices for learning, they can understand the changes taking place in their bodies better.

  1. Technology Has Enabled Seniors to Fight Loneliness by Keeping them Connected to Their Loved Ones

Some of the health-related challenges seniors face is a result of feeling isolated and disconnected from the society. This has been a huge problem especially for the early baby boomers that didn’t have an opportunity of learning about social media. Through the social media, seniors can stay connected to their peers and feel happier. Through social media apps for seniors, they can also connect to new people and share experiences.

As seniors use these apps, they can fight depression and therefore are able to live longer and happier. In the past when we didn’t have these technologies, senior citizens felt disconnected and had no one to share their experiences with. This left them stressed, lonely and reduced their life expectancy. As illustrated, this is no longer as big of a problem in the modern society.

Technology is, therefore, one of the best things that has ever happened to mankind. Seniors should be encouraged to learn more about senior care technologies and how technology can help with live healthier and happier lives. This will simplify the role of nursing home facilities while improving the experience for all seniors.