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House Designs Indian Style – Inspired By Your Personality

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In this era where almost everything is undergoing evolution, house designs are mandatory to experience it. House gives the very first impression of the personality and that is exactly why you should be a lot careful when going for a house designs Indian style.

The house designs are pretty complex in regards to the location where they can be deployed. An elegant looking house in the Greece might be a total shame in India, this is because of the culture, mentality and norms of the people. For a house design to be considered truly beautiful and elegant by the people of India it must be a house design Indian style.

With that being said, We have divided the house designs Indian style among 5 major categories while each category contains top 3 house models.

Note – Neither these house designs or houses are owned by us, these are the properties of their respective owner. We love these designs so we are sharing them all up with our visitors. It’s not our property but we love it.

1 – Modern House Designs Indian Style

modern house design 1 = house designs Indian Style
Modern house 2 - house designs Indian style
modern house3 - house designs Indian style

For those who adore to live in the present. The present one is regarded as a modern era and the house designs are then named after it as the modern house designs. In India, the modern house designs are gaining a lot of popularity because of their versatile nature. These can go well in a middle to high class area and is suitable and economically feasible for the middle class families too.

2- Traditional/Old House Designs

traditional 1 house designs Indian style
traditional 2 - house designs Indian style
traditional 3 - house designs Indian style

Yes, it’s totally fine. Some of us are old souls trapped into the new norms and customs. If you feel an un explainable attraction towards the old classical times or you simply enjoy your trips to the forts and structures of the older time than you might be a person who is born with an old soul, differentiated from the current times. For those who feel a little bit uncomfortable around the evolutionary designs, a traditional/old house design would work brutally good. With that, here are top 3 such designs to light up the wildest fantasies, in a classical manner.

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3- Luxurious House Designs

luxurious 1 - house designs Indian style
luxurious 2 - house designs Indian style
luxurious 3 - house designs Indian style

These include the mansions, farm houses, villas ; basically any structure which depicts its power and beauty onto you. Construction of a luxurious house is limited to areas, although not all of these are limited but most of them are limited a per the rules and regulation of the ruling authorities. A farm house in a densely populated area is surely not gonna cut it. Provided you have the right piece of land in the right area, we’ve got 3 house design India style which are luxurious enough to make grab a hold on your sense, appealing you to the core.

4- Futuristic Designs

futuristic 1 - house designs Indian style
futuristic 2 - house designs Indian style
futuristic 3 - house designs Indian style

While others are still in the present, if you’ve got a racing mind that has already set it’s foot on future then a futuristic house is gonna prove itself to be a comfortable place, providing absolute in terms of peace of mind and as well as the soul. Glance through these top 3 designs which you can adapt to in India, although you might need to move onto some remote area.

5- Common House Designs Indian Style

common design - house designs Indian style
common 2 - house designs Indian style
common 3 - house designs Indian style

If you’re rather a person who abide by the norm, has a classical touch with some sparks of modernism and has good hopes for future, then these designs are gonna work for you. I totally admit going for the above mentioned designs for the house totally bind you to a certain aspect of the personality and make you stand out in that particular phase while diminishing the other aspects of your personality. If you’re not the person who wanna be bound to a certain aspect of reality, then these would go best for you.

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So these were some of the finest designs you can consider building in India. Each design requires a different kind of area but once you have your mind set on the ideal one, you may explore different possibilities to bring it to your life. If you’ve got something to offer, I’m willing to listen up to it. Do share your precious insights on this particular topic in the comments below.

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