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Top Cloud Computing Programming Languages for 2020-2025

When you are learning to code for computer and mobile applications, you will come across an array of programming languages. Some of them that come to

When you are learning to code for computer and mobile applications, you will come across an array of programming languages. Some of them that come to top of the mind are HTML, C, C++, Java and Swift. Now, in the recent years, the top slots have been taken by the likes of Python and JavaScript. Your choice of programming languages could vary for Cloud Computing compared to what you would generally use for developing mobile applications.

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Here is a quick overview of some of the top-notch and most widely used programming languages for Cloud Computing.

SQL Data Language

When people think about choosing their first programming language for Cloud Computing, the leadership position goes to SQL. SQL has remained undisputed choice because of its ease of application and high availability. Other features that make it best for Cloud Computing include its Open Source application development, robust transactional support, scaling and agility for high-grade IT operations and security.

R Studio

Next in the list of top Cloud Computing programming language is a premier integrated development suite – RStudio. R Studio is developed in an open source environment with an enterprise-ready framework. It is slightly different than the conventional R architecture, which is used mostly for mathematical and statistical computing environment.

RStudio Server comes with an enhanced resource management and team productivity management tools to make Cloud Computing look like a cakewalk.


 In Cloud Computing and Mobile application development, Python is a silent winner. It simplifies the way computing is scaled for an enterprise-grade architecture. It is used across industries due to its English-friendly coding nature. Literally, anyone can start doing Python for Cloud Computing. A basic Python training online course will open job opportunities for fresher and IT professionals who want to grow into the experienced Cloud Computing experts in the coming years.

Go Lang

Portable Cloud Computing platforms are a craze these days. That’s why you can take a swing at the ongoing trending Cloud Computing programming language. It’s Go Lang.

Currently, there are 1,000,000 Go Lang developers already. So, no doubt that Go for Cloud development is going to be an eminent player in the space soon.

Google Cloud platform makes working with Go Lang look like it’s easier than solving an arithmetic problem from the 10th grade.

In 2018, Google released their open source project called Go Cloud library and tools to enable open source Cloud Computing professionals with portable cloud development technology and tools. By 2022, it is estimated that Go Lang would compete with the best in the market, aiming to displace Python and Java from their leadership positions.

Cloud Haskell

Finally, we arrive at the end of the lit. With Haskell, you can build concurrent and distributed Cloud programs in an Erlang-style       generic network transport API. With Haskell, cloud computing development teams can build fault tolerant systems using asynchronous message passing and data-centric processing models.

Basically, in a Python training class, you will come to learn about hundreds of other Cloud Computing languages that are currently running in beta or in open source modes. You should focus on what’s going to remain for next 10 years or more.