Hotel Rooms in Delhi for Unmarried Couples

Delhi’s Best Love Destinations – Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Delhi In the conservative social setup of Indian society, live-in relationship or sam

Delhi’s Best Love Destinations – Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Delhi

In the conservative social setup of Indian society, live-in relationship or same sex relationship is still stigmatized. You have the full right to share a room with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but moral police interfere in your private life.

The social attitude coupled with hotel authority’s fear for unwanted police interrogations make the process of hunting out hotel rooms in Delhi extremely difficult for an unmarried couple.

But Stay Uncle hotel for couples has made life easier for unmarried or same sex folks to enjoy uninterrupted privacy in cozy rooms. As long as you are above the age of 18 and have a valid government-approved ID card no one can deny you from renting a room for couples.

Moreover, India has come a long way from the days when marriage was the sole passport for enjoying love life. Why the moral policing then?

Couple Friendly Hotels in Delhi Have Made Life Easier for Romantic Couple

It is one among the fundamental rights to stay together with a partner of your choice. There is even no law which hinders a romantic couple to share the same room in a hotel. Even when LGBT culture has got a new high in India with the legalization of gay sex, LGBT folks face social barriers in daily lives. People belonging to such a community are shunned away by hotel authority if they approach for hotel booking, be it in Delhi or in any other part of India.

Social taboo still remains. Such kind of mindset is a hard nut to crack. But things are looking brighter with mushrooming of several romantic couple friendly hotels in India.

Your right to privacy cannot be done away with. Keeping this in mind, Stay Uncle has tied up with innumerable hotels across the length and breadth of the country to help romantic couple rent a room without any hassle and hindrance. Stay Uncle Assurance is the new ray of hope for lovers in India.

They have some of the best hotels in Delhi with amazing rooms, great service, and facilities. Most important the staff and manager will not pester you with questions regarding your marital status or homosexuality.

The Best Hotels in Delhi for Unmarried Romantic Couples

As stated by Stay Uncle startup team ‘Couples need a room and not judgment’ really holds ground. Who are others to say what is right or wrong for someone else whom they don’t even know?

The best rated hourly hotels in Delhi where you can find space for romance are spread across various locations in Delhi. They include:

  • Hotel Aerostay Inn (Mahipalpur)
  • Hotel Transit Delhi (Mahipalpur)
  • Hotel Ark of Avalon (Mahipalpur)
  • La Residenza (Greater Kailash -2)
  • Hotel Rudraksha Plaza (Mahipalpur)

The expensive premium love hotels in Delhi include:

  • Hotel Royal Castle Grand (Chittaranjan Park)
  • Hotel Sunstar Residency (Karol Bagh)
  • Hotel Golden Palm and Spa (Patparganj)
  • Hotel Cotts Villa (Vasant Kunj)
  • Hotel Royal Mirage (Pitampura)

The featured bathtub hotels in Delhi are:

  • Pride Plaza Hotel (Aerocity)
  • Hotel International Inn (Mahipalpur)
  • Hotel Mid Town (Karol Bagh)

Enjoy your love moments with welcome love kit given by the hotel staff.

Shorter Duration ‘Hourly Hotels’ – India’s Most Loved Destinations for Lovers

Want to go on a date with your girlfriend? Want close door privacy? Well, you can book rooms on an hourly basis. In the capital city of India hourly hotels are gaining popularity among young, modern people who need few hours stay in a hotel room at an affordable price. The prime reason being the majority of hotels allow booking on the 24-hour basis.

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