Is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India?

Is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India?

There is still a lot of societal stigma around people who engage in intimate relationships before marriage. While the mindset is changing and people have started to accept adult consensual relationships, traveling couples need to be wary and take the necessary precautions needed to succeed. In this article, we state some facts that will help unmarried couples while they’re traveling in India.

Is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India?

You often hear stories about police raids and couples being taken to the station or fined for being unmarried. Most people are intimidated by this because they don’t know their rights. Many people assume that it is illegal for unmarried couples to book a room together, but that is simply not true. There is no law on the national or state level that prevents unmarried couples from booking a room together in any Romantic Hotels in India. In fact, denying them can be considered a violation of their fundamental rights.

Why Do Hotels Deny Rooms to Couples?

Hotels are private properties and have their own policies. While it is legal for unmarried couples to book a room together, it is also legal for hotel owners to decide who gets to enter their property. They are well within their rights to forbid unmarried couples or ask for some form of national identification. Most hotels do this because they’re concerned about their reputation and might not get other guests if word gets out. The most common travelers in India are families with children, married couples, and business persons. Many of these individuals might skip a hotel that has a reputation that deviates from their morals.

Why Are the Police Involved?

While being an unmarried couple is legal, solicitation is illegal. That is one of the reasons why many hotels deny couples rooms because there’s no way to differentiate between a couple wanting privacy and individuals involved in prostitution. The police use this as an excuse for moral policing and intimidation. They don’t have any legal basis to arrest or fine couples and you need to be aware of that.

Tips to Have a Trouble-Free Trip

As you can see, it is perfectly legal to get a room in India for a couple. However, it is a good idea to take some precautions and ensure you’re safe. We have mentioned some tips and tricks that can help you avoid trouble below:

Online Platforms

The internet has given people access to all of the information they need to ensure they can have a safe journey. Platforms like provide information regarding hotels that allow unmarried couples. You don’t have to rely on luck to find a friendly hotel because all establishments mentioned on this platform welcome unmarried couples. There are options available across different budgets on all metro cities so you should have no problems finding an option that suits your requirements perfectly.

Check Before Check-In

It is still a good idea to call the hotel in advance and check their policies before booking a room. Read through their policy carefully and confirm that you will be undisturbed during the stay unless there is a valid concern for the safety of both travelers.

These tips should ensure you are safe and can enjoy some much-needed privacy in a hotel in India during your trip.

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