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Himalayan Salt Lamp A Great Source Toadd Beauty In Your Ambiance

The pink Himalayan rock salt is well known for its essential function in the kitchen area as table salt, thus a perfect additive to improve the taste

The pink Himalayan rock salt is well known for its essential function in the kitchen area as table salt, thus a perfect additive to improve the taste of food. However, did you know that it uses surpasses that one ordinary role it plays in the kitchen? No? Well, you should consider researching on the impact it has in the relaxation of the human mind. They are also known for their over the top health benefit such as reducing stress and insomnia cases using the negative ions it produces. However, let’s focus on how exactly the real Himalayan salt lamps enhances the aesthetics of the modern interior. 

Create a Happy Environment in Your Room with Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Bedside Lighting

Lighting in interior design plays an essential role in determining the vibe of a room. It creates a mood and atmosphere that suits a specific room. In the bedroom, the Himalayans salt is mostly placed beside the bed and acts as the leading light in that space. Since we all know that bedrooms are meant for sleeping, the salt lamps create an appropriate mood that fits the atmosphere. The pink color of the rock provides a calm atmosphere which is suitable for relaxation. At the bedside, it helps in inducing sleep by relaxing the mind. Also, the yellow color is associated with the production of melatonin; these are the sleep-inducing hormones that are produced by the body when it automatically detects that it is at night. Through interior design color science, you will get to understand the different colors, where to position them and how they affect the body’s functionality. Through science, the Yellow color best fits the bedroom as it creates a relaxing mood.

Living Room

The living room is a space where you can engage in conversations with the family members and unwind as you watch the TV. The Himalayan salt lamps can be placed together with other house decorations such as the flowers for its yellow color can make the room lively. The Himalayan salt with a rough outer lining makes the best décor when compared to the smoothened rock salt. However, this is mostly used in interiors painted with neutral colors such as grey and black. While they are placed on the coffee table, the Himalayan salt rock helps in neutralizing the positive ions emitted by the electronics in this space. Some of these electronics include TVs and mobile phones.

The rock salts can also be simultaneously be used as the light source for the living room as you wouldn’t need so much lighting in these areas. Therefore, you can place several rock salts in different places in the living room to light the space evenly. After all, as you have a conversation, you would want your mind to relax as it prepares you for sleep.


Bathrooms are some of the significant areas that require serious attention or else you might end up losing its function. In society, bathroom spaces are misused and taken for granted as they are considered not to be that important when they are compared to the other rooms in the house. However, interior designers and architectures over the years have tried to bring out the importance of the bathroom area by redefining its purpose through the kind of furniture and decors used in the space. Considering the proper guidelines, this space is supposed to be a place to unwind and relax that is why you have bathtubs installed. The natural salt lamps serves only one purpose in this space; this is to provide the needed amount of lighting that makes sure you are relaxed as you take you slow shower. You are however advised to invest in corner glass shelves where you are to place these beautiful rocks. Otherwise, it would be rather clumsy to place it anywhere. For proper lighting, you might as well use several salt lamps in one session. This compares to when candles are used to light the bathrooms in those beautiful romantic scenes in movies. The salt lamps are meant to help you clear your mind from the day’s activities. Therefore please treat yourself in the right way have that quiet night in the bathroom lit with Himalayan rock salts.

Décor for Corner Shelves

Corner shelves have always been great furniture in various rooms in the house. Their primary role is to aid in the saving of space, they have been at the forefront of in the saving space by utilizing the unused corner spaces. The corner shelves are mostly used as a display area where family galleries and flowers are placed on improving the aesthetics of the rooms. The Himalayan rock salts can be used as decorating material you can place them at one of the corner shelves to help in improving the décor in the rooms.

Himalayan Salt Chandelier

Chandeliers have been used in improving the interior of homes over the years. They are big beautiful hanging lighting shades that are suspended from the middle part of the ceiling and are mean to provide sufficient lighting for the whole room. One of the places where they are suspended in the living room. However, there are others that are cheap; it depends on the type of chandeliers. If you want the drop-dead gorgeous ones, it means you have to dig dipper in your pockets. Himalayan salt lamps chandeliers are as beautiful with many decorations, but instead of bulb holders, they are fitted with salt holding caps where the Himalayan salt lamps are placed. You can find many reliables yet the best place to buy Himalayan salt lamps online, they would deliver these lamps at your doorstep.

These types of chandeliers add to the ambiance of the room by providing light from the salts lamps. They are considered to be as fancy as the other original chandeliers and are expensive compared to the regular salt candle holders. The price is however equivalent to the kind of improvement it does to the space they are used. Therefore if you are a regular user of the rock salt, you should switch up and try the chandelier for that excellent finish.