A Tribute to all the fathers in the world: Happy Fathers’ Day

Appa, Abba, Papa, Pita, Father, Dad- He goes by many names, but when we hear that name, we immediately paint a picture of security in our mind. A fat

Appa, Abba, Papa, Pita, Father, Dad- He goes by many names, but when we hear that name, we immediately paint a picture of security in our mind. A father plays numerous roles in our life without getting the limelight or the credits that he deserves. A supporter. A Provider. A Protector. A person you can always count on.

This Father’s Day, let us, for once, appreciate their role in our lives, tell them what they mean to us and show them that we love them with all our hearts.

Today, it’s worth taking a trip down memory lane. Before you were even born, your father had already laid out his plans for you and your future. His responsibility as a father started months before you came to this world. He made sure that the newborn child had every comfort and nourishment possible. While your mom got close to you, he was out there, working hard for you and your future.

As you grew from an infant to a toddler, he relivedhis childhood with you. He couldn’t wait to get home and get welcomed by your giggles and dirty diaper. A father finds his relief in your happy eyes and when he walks home, he leaves all his worries outside to protect you from them.

Your journey from a toddler to a young adult is particularly memorable to your dad.

He loved when you spoke in your childish language and when you asked him to take you to the park. He taught you every little thing that he knew. And truly, he got to relive his memories as a child.

When you turn into a teenager, you rebel, you fight him and let him know how he is being mean to you while he strives hard to spend more time with you. You find it embarrassing when he comes to pick you up from college when all he wants is to be part of your life just a little longer, until you are not his little kid anymore and you become an adult.

Once again, he compromises with his dream to fulfil yours. He wanted to buy that bike he always loved but now, your demand for a laptop is greater for him. Your list keeps growing and down goes his dreams and wishes. Without a single regret, he gives up everything he can to give you, everything you want.

As you slowly start your 30s, you realize your father has been a crucial role in your life. He has given more than anyone and anything has ever done. He was your hero in disguise, with an invisible cape.

Then comes a time when you yourself become a father. At this point of time, you start realizing how difficult it is to be a father. The compromises you make, the effort it takes to raise a child – it is overwhelming yet satisfying to see a tiny toddler grow to an adult. In this period, you relive the moments with your father. You realize that the time you thought he was mean was his way of protecting you.

A child’s relationship with a father is so special, it is difficult to condense in words. We wait until our later life to realize how our father is the one who has molded our lives. The question is, WHY? Why are they any less than a superman? Isn’t your dad, your first friend and your first teacher? He educates you with the subject called life. He stands by you when you fail, fall or fear.

Sure, he doesn’t get a trophy each time he does something that shapes your life. Sure, you don’t post selfies with him on your social accounts. But look around and count the number of people who will always love you, stand by you and lift you when you fall – your father will always be on top of that list.

Don’t wait for his old age to start thanking him. Thank him today and every day. Some Friends come and go, but your father is a friend for life. This father’s day say more with a beautiful gift that he will cherish for life, just like he enjoys the father-child relationship.

Saregama respects every dad who has shaped their child to become amazing human beings and made the world a better place to live. So, make this day special for your father by presenting him Saregama Carvaan – a special gift for your dad, that he will love and will always remember. Live Longer, Live Happy.