Why Is It Essential to Ban Hand Held Gadgets for Children Too Young at Age!

Technology and gadgets have been ruling our lives for past decade or so. From getting food to your table to new clothes to your closet, you just need

Technology and gadgets have been ruling our lives for past decade or so. From getting food to your table to new clothes to your closet, you just need to click on your little machine and there you go! Technology can get it all for you. As far as children are concerned, technology has replaced playgrounds, books, toys and even friends and family. Kids these days prefer staying indoors and spend a lot of their time engaging with gadgets rather than toys or books. Gadgets are the only company they seek. Is the human race on the right track as far as involvement is gadgets is concerned? We fear not. Even if considered as a boon to mankind, gadgets come with their own set of hazards for children. Especially, handheld gadgets negatively impact children below 12 years of age. They not only hamper the physical well-being but also the emotional, social and mental health of the young ones. How do these gadgets harm the body and minds of the kids? Let us have a look.

1:- Hampers brain development

Brain growth happens at a rapid rate in the early years of life. The environment, too, plays an important role in influencing the brain development of children. Overexposure to gadgets can have an adverse effect on their brain growth and lead to multiple disabilities and disorders.

2:- Developmental delays

Excessive use of hand held gadgets lead to minimal and restricted movements thereby causing delays in development in young children. Physical movement is known to enhance learning ability, attention spans, grasping power etc. Lesser the movements, lesser the over all growth and development of the body.

3:- Increase in Obesity

Higher the usage the gadgets, higher are the chances of gaining unhealthy and excessive weight. As per research, children who excessively engage with handheld devices are more prone to become victims of obesity. Obesity in itself is a massive host of problems. Obese children often suffer from diabetes and heart related complications. Obesity also has adverse effects on their social and emotional well-being.

4:- Lack of Sleep

Most children who are addicted to electronic gadgets suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep schedules go haywire because the attraction of these gadgets overpowers the need to sleep. Lack of sound sleep for enough number of hours has detrimental effects on their academic performance too. Obviously, lack of sleep impacts overall health of the children making them feel lethargic and tired the entire day.

5:- Poor psychological health

Overuse of handheld gadgets can cause many severe psychological illnesses. Increased dependency on gadgets can lead to certain disorders like anxiety, ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, aggression, psychosis, problem behaviour etc.

6:- Exposure of radiation.

Children are more prone to be impacted by the harmful radiation emitted by the gadgets. They are more at risk as compared to adults because their brain, body, immune system is still not completely developed and equipped enough to fight the harmful radiation that they are exposed to. These harmful rays can cause long term and dangerous health issues in young children.

So, the next time your child demands a gadget to play with, indulge him or her in a fruitful activity instead. There are many creative solutions to keep the gadgets away from the little hands and minds. Help the children indulge in an interesting hobby, read books, listen to great music, go outdoors, enroll them in activity classes etc. Let them know how unsafe these gadgets are.  

Parents, educationists and even the government have a vital role to play when it comes to safeguarding the children from handheld gadgets. Governments must not only call for a ban on these gadgets for a certain age criteria but also check for the safety of these gadgets. Electrical testing labs conduct checks of cables and wires of gadgets. These NABL accredited labs give a go ahead only after the gadgets clear all standard tests. Before buying any gadget one must ensure that it carries the stamp of an electrical testing laboratory. Spectro is one such NABL lab in Delhi. One of the finest electrical testing labs in Delhi, they specialise in testing electronic products for manufacturers and retailers in India.