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Strategic comparison between Global Business Mobility visa and Self-Sponsorship visa

In 2022, the UK government introduced multiple business visa routes to attract overseas firms to establish and expand in the country. The Global Busin

In 2022, the UK government introduced multiple business visa routes to attract overseas firms to establish and expand in the country. The Global Business Mobility route, which replaced some of the existing routes, is one of them. The self-sponsorship route is another interesting alternative.   

In this article, we will discuss the above-mentioned immigration pathways to have a better understanding of both. 

What is the global business mobility visa?

For foreign companies looking to establish a presence in the UK or relocate employees there for particular commercial objectives, the Global Business Mobility visa is a new category of sponsored routes that have been created. On April 11, 2022, candidates will be able to apply for these planned new routes.

In essence, the new visa will establish a multi-category sponsored route that will reform and broaden a number of current business visas, such as the two types of intra-company visas, the representative of an overseas business visa, and the visas for independent contractors and contractual service providers under the Temporary Work – International Agreement route. Additionally, it will open up a brand-new pathway for foreign workers to be seconded to the UK by their foreign employer as part of a high-value contract or investment.

What is the self-sponsorship route?

Self-Sponsorship visa is the term used to describe an application to move to the UK and work for your own company without the necessity for a UK Sponsor. This path may be appropriate for you if you wish to run, operate, and maintain your UK business and live without worrying about losing your UK visa. For you and your family, this may result in citizenship in the United Kingdom and permanent residency.

If you are an entrepreneur who has found a business opportunity in the UK, OR if you have a brilliant company concept and want to investigate your business possibility in the UK, then this visa route is ideal for you.

Who can apply for the Global Business Mobility visa UK?

For people employed by a foreign company connected to their UK sponsor, the Global Business Mobility visa is available.

There will be five distinct global corporate mobility pathways available for various forms of temporary employment, including

  • Senior or Specialist Worker route
  • Graduate Trainee route
  • UK Expansion Worker route
  • Service Supplier route
  • Secondment Worker route

Each of these channels has certain prerequisites for qualifying, such as a minimum income level and, in some cases, a current TB certificate. The additional requirements for each individual route are covered in further detail below.

Who would qualify for Self-sponsorship?

Anyone who meets all of the following requirements is eligible for self-sponsorship:

  • Has knowledge, expertise, or certifications in the field of the business they wish to launch Has a business concept or has found an existing UK company to acquire
  • Possesses the financial means to support their prospective business in the UK

(Please be aware that there is no set amount that must be invested, either minimum or maximum. Depending on your company’s needs, it might cost up to £25,000.)

  • It is ideal to have a resident of the UK or a citizen of the country assume the duties of the Authorising Officer.
  • Possesses the capacity to take and successfully complete a Level B1 English language test. (Please be aware that the required level of English is only elementary.)

What are the various visa pathways for global business mobility?

The Global Business Mobility visa provides five alternatives for international businesses looking to establish a presence in the UK or transfer employees there:

  • A senior or specialist worker, to satisfy unique company demands.
  • Graduate Trainees to facilitate training programmes.
  • Worker on secondment to UK companies with high-value contracts or investments.
  • Supplier of services to the United Kingdom in accordance with UK trade agreements.
  • A UK Expansion Worker to create a UK presence.

The latter three choices are for businesses without a presence in the UK, while the first three are for businesses with a presence there. In all instances, the worker will require sponsorship.

The new approach effectively integrates the prior Intra-Company Transfer, Intra-Company Graduate Trainee, Overseas Business Representative, and International Agreement visas. Only UK expansion employees and secondments (to use the new terminology) show significant variations between the five pathways. The recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee that holders of Intra-Company Transfer visas (now Senior or Specialist Workers) be permitted to reside in the UK was not carried out. 

What role will you have in the UK firm if I choose the self-sponsorship option?

You may be one of the company’s primary owners in the UK, and your job title might be anything from managing director to director of operations, depending on what you need to do to operate your company.

Can dependants come to the UK under a Global Business Mobility visa?

A partner and any dependant children are welcome to join or accompany applicants with a Global Business Mobility visa. The primary visa holder’s spouse or partner must meet a number of eligibility standards, including a relationship and financial criterion, in order to be eligible to enter the UK through this route. Any candidate who is a kid must additionally meet extra standards for care and age.

Can dependants come to the UK under the Self-sponsorship route?

Yes, you can bring your partner/spouse and children to the UK under the Self-sponsorship route. Because you will be working as a Skilled Worker for your own business, you will be able to benefit from the same.

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