Amazing food ideas for a frugal wedding that respects your budget

It is easy to skip wedding formalities altogether and stick to an official registration or elope. However, then you miss out on the fun you can have w

It is easy to skip wedding formalities altogether and stick to an official registration or elope. However, then you miss out on the fun you can have with your loved ones and the same is applicable to them. Before you make a decision to order a few hundred meals that will make you spend beyond your means or totally bury the idea of your dream wedding, there is something you can do to have a wonderful wedding within budget. There are many tricks you can use to have an economical wedding that respects the budget you set out for yourself. Starting from the venue and decoration to the menu and service can be arranged in a manner which is both affordable and impressive. Especially when it comes to the food, you can impress the crowd with little if you can do it right. Here are some excellent crowd-pleasing food ideas for a successful wedding reception which ensures that your incredible celebration is complete with gourmet food:

Arrange for a cocktail hour: There is no unsaid rule that the guests at your wedding have to be stuffed with large quantities of food. Couples now prefer to opt for hosting a cocktail hour which allows the guests to enjoy gourmet food without upsetting the budget. You can arrange a great variety of finger foods prepared by professional caterers that both look and taste delicious. When it comes to wedding catering Melbourne have many renowned companies that offer attractive and affordable food packages. It will cost a lot lesser than full meals and you will get it much cheaper when you order it within a package offered by catering companies. There are other perks to be enjoyed when you host a cocktail hour as it allows the guests to eat, drink and mingle. This will create a fun and cozy vibe that is appropriate to make everyone feel at home and relax in a festive event like the wedding while keeping them entertained with delectable food.

Keep the lunch light: In case you think the plated meal is crucial to your dream wedding celebration then it is a great idea to host a midday reception. This is a helpful trick to provide great catering on a budget as the meals served at breakfast and lunch are comparatively lighter and smaller than full dinners. If you opt for a brunch or lunch then the menu will permit the substitution of salmon and prime rib for salads and sandwiches.

Get creative and create your own menu: If you are hosting the reception at dinner then one of the easiest ways to trim costs is by skipping plated meals altogether. You can replace it with something modern, interesting and tasty build-your-own bar options – which allow guests the opportunity to prepare their own bars by interacting directly with the chef. Some of the most popular dinner options are mashed potato bar, taco bar, pasta bar and bruschetta bar. Providing the guests with the opportunity to customize their dinner entrées will ensure that they can choose what they want to have in keeping with their unique choices and requirements. So this basically allows you to cater to guests who may be vegan or on a non-dairy diet without making any separate arrangements for them.

If you want customizable options for party catering Melbourne companies will have a wide variety for you to choose from. This, in turn, makes sure that your guests leave with happy hearts and full bellies. On the other hand, you will save some precious money while offering delicious catering food.