Flowers For Decorating Wedding Venue – Fake Or Real?

One of the questions you ask while choosing a wedding venue is - who will decorate the venue, the staff or you? The wedding decoration is not even pos

One of the questions you ask while choosing a wedding venue is – who will decorate the venue, the staff or you? The wedding decoration is not even possible without flowers. If there are no flowers, the decoration does not qualify as a wedding-worthy decoration. Flowers are essentially required to create a welcoming ambiance. This is the reason why there is a set of questions associated with the choice of flowers. There are different types of flowers you can buy for decoration. The color, the beauty of smooth and delicate flower petals and delicate scent of flowers can make you feel lost in no time. Let’s address some of the questions:

Who Needs Personal Flowers?

In addition to the bride and groom, there is a list of attendees who will need personal flowers. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the flower girl also need flowers. Mothers and fathers also need flowers. You need personal flowers for your officiant, ushers and the ring bearer as well. If you have grandparents in your family, you can choose fresh blooms to honor them. You can provide wrist corsages or small nosegays to female attendees. A floral clip can be attached to their clutch. And, we have a boutonniere tradition for men. You can choose small boutonnieres for the ring bearer, ushers and the officiant. A floral crown or a basket of petals can be the best for the flower girl.  

Should You Use Real Or Artificial Flowers?

In case you are highly allergic to flowers, don’t go for the real one. Faux flowers are as beautiful as natural flowers. However, you will miss the delicate scent of fresh flowers. Don’t go for artificial flowers if you want to save some money. Made from silk, artificial flowers are more expensive than natural flowers.           

How Much Should You Spend On Flowers?

It depends on your budget. You can spend any amount of money on flower decoration. Huge and lush arrangements can fill the entire space with color and fragrance. However, these arrangements are very expensive. You can go for small and simple arrangements. Simple and refined clusters of blooms can also do the job. The cost depends on the flowers as well. Easily available flowers are less expensive but very beautiful. Rose, Gerbera Daisies, Hydrangeas, Daisy Spray, Lilies, Alstroemeria, Tulips, Carnations and there many other inexpensive yet very beautiful flowers for wedding. If you want to buy out-of-season flowers, you need to pay more as these flowers are imported from some other area. Same goes for flowers that are not native to the region.

Couples usually spend 8% to 10% of the wedding budget on flowers which includes reception arrangements, ceremony decor and personal flowers. Find the best florist selling flowers in Newport Beach. He can help you in choosing the right flowers and provide accurate estimation.    

Choosing the right florist is as important as choosing the best flowers in Newport Beach. Find a florist selling the freshest quality and newly-cut flowers. Not all florists can provide you with out-of-season flowers or your favorite flowers that are not native to your region.