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Effective Ayurvedic Treatments For Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease. The patient suffers from excessive pain in the joint, the flexibility of movement reduces. The symptoms are like t

Arthritis is a very common disease. The patient suffers from excessive pain in the joint, the flexibility of movement reduces. The symptoms are like the joint shows swelling accompanied by pain and stiffness in the connective tissue.   Ayurveda is an old medicinal system where the disease is treated with herbs and medicinal plant. Ayurvedic medicines for arthritis a holistic approach to treating body and mind. It evolves from the study of Vedas.   Arthritis may be treated by the ayurvedic procedure.

Ayurvedic treatments

This is a process of natural treatment that helps to bring relief from arthritis. There are many types of arthritis and their number may vary from hundred or more. Ayurveda can bring an easy and fast heal to the patient suffering from pain and discomfort. The procedure that can be followed to bring quick relief for the patient is like: –

  1. Hot and cold compression.
  • While heat therapy improves the blood circulation, with easiness in the movement
  • Showers under warm water is another effective way
  • The affected region may be treated with a hot pad or hot belt for about twenty minutes
  • sauna
  • Hot tub or whirlpool
  • Treating the affected area with hot paraffin.
  • The patients having the following like high blood pressure or cardiac disease should restrain from the hot therapy. Giving cold compression also reduces the pain as it safe and numbs the end of the nerve but both hot and cold compression damages the skin.
  1. Massage
  • The therapy of message under an experienced professional can bring an effective result for arthritis.
  • The function of the joint improves.
  • Helps to bring relief for long term pain and short term pain.
  • Helps to Improves sleep and remove stress.
  • Before having this therapy opinion of the doctor is essential and under any inflammation, the message is not advisable as the inflammation and pain increase the sensitivity.
  1. Aromatherapy
  • In this procedure, the vital oils are used to bring mental and physical harmony. These oils may be used during the bath or in the message or through diffuser may be inhaled. The aroma helps in
  • Removing aches and tension
  • Enhancing the energy level
  • Giving more mind and body relaxation.
  • It is essential to test the oils before applying as they may bring any reaction. A skin test is advised before using the oil.
  • The focus of the treatment is giving relief from pain and that reduces the inflammation. Many supplementary oils are also provided that helps in
  • Removing joint pain and stiffness.
  • Speed up the healing procedure by the anti-inflammatory oils
  • Increases mobility of the joint.
  • Repairs and heals cartilage along with soft tissue.
  • As these are purely herbal there are no side effects.

The final note

It is always advised to have an opinion of the doctor before planning any new ayurvedic treatment for arthritis. All ayurvedic procedure should be tried under some expert so that they are effective for the patient and does not give any adverse result.

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