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Drug Abuse and Addiction

The addition is like a disease where your brain and behavior will be affected. If you are addicted to drugs, you can’t resist yourself from consumin

The addition is like a disease where your brain and behavior will be affected. If you are addicted to drugs, you can’t resist yourself from consuming drugs, no matter how serious the causes are. Drug addiction does not only include cocaine, heroin, and other illegal substances, it also includes some legal substances like opioid painkillers, alcohol, and nicotine. 

Initially, you might have consumed just because you liked it and it some control. In a later stage, as the result of the continued habit of consumption, it becomes an addiction. Due to the physical change in your mind over time, you will be able to manage without consuming the drug. 

Addition Vs abuse 

Drug substance abuse is when you consume some legal or illegal substances in such a way that you should not. This makes lead you to take more than the prescribed amount of pills. This drug abuse will make you feel good, stress or to get rid of reality. However, it affects health with some serious issues. 

Drug addiction is when you cannot stop consuming drugs.  You will be addicted despite your health continue in danger, causes serious financial and other issues to you or your loved ones. The urge to consume the drug will be filled at every minute of the day, which is not good for a stabled life. 

Effect of brain 

If you feel some good experience, your brain will automatically tempt you to repeat it again and again. The drug will ultimately target your brain’s reward system. Your brain will be flooded with a chemical called dopamine. This will trigger the feeling of intense pleasure and encourage consuming the drug again. As the level of dopamine increases, your brain will tempt you to consume more drugs and interest in other activities will get down. Also, it causes a certain change in brain and chemical system and circuits. There are chances to hurt your decision making, memory, judgment, ability to learn and remember. 

Who acquires more impact of the drug? 

The brain of every person is unique in its way and also they react in different ways. Some fall in love at the first time of consumption but others hate it initially and continue later whereas some will not repeat it once they hate it. It may not be said that once if a person consumes a drug he or she will be addicted to it. This addiction includes, 

  • Family History: Your genes take half of the responsibility in certain of your activities. if your parents or siblings are likely to be addicted, you might be the victim. 
  • Mental disorder: If you feel depressed, continuous trouble, worry about something constantly, you may start consuming the drug to come out of it. 
  • The drug in childhood: As a child’s brain, the brain is still growing and that will change the actions of the brain completely. Here, the possibility of getting addicted is more. 

How to find that the person is addicted?

  • They involve in too much consumption of drug daily
  • They always want to have a drug with them even they can’t afford it
  • They spend time being alone 
  • They can’t care for them 
  • They feel sick when they do not consume it 
  • They will behave too badly if you stop them from drugs 
  • The steel, speak a lie, drive with great feel and sometimes may involve in some unsafe sex. 

How to control? 

Anything that can be controlled at the initial stage will results in good and addiction to a drug is also the same. There are certain drug testing supply companies and you can purchase kits from them. Follow the given instructions to take the test. If the test is positive, you can take the victim to the right doctor to have treatment. 

Final thoughts

The brain is one of the sensitive parts of the human body. It reacts to what you do and you react to what it instructs. Be careful in all the activities to lead a happy life.