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Does Male Circumcision Improve Sexual Performance?

Circumcision is performed to remove the foreskin or prepuce. Many people practice it as a religious act who follow Judaism, Islam, and some Christian

Circumcision is performed to remove the foreskin or prepuce. Many people practice it as a religious act who follow Judaism, Islam, and some Christian denominations.

With the latest medical advancements, it is proved that circumcision is performed not only as a religious act but also for medical purposes. Therefore, people suffering from foreskin and penile problems like phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis can undergo circumcision as a permanent solution.

Circumcision being such a commonly performed surgical operation, its effects on sexual functions have been a subject of discussion for a long time. In various medical studies, circumcision’s effects on sexual performance, erection, premature ejaculation [PE], and sexual and visual satisfaction have been questioned.

In this post, let us discuss whether circumcision has any effect on sexual performance or not.

Effect of Circumcision on Male Sexual Performance

Many researchers have studied the effects of circumcision on sexual function and pleasure. But most of those studies resulted in mixed outcomes.

One of the scientific lectures published by a research team from Australia and the United States concluded that circumcision does not negatively affect a man’s sexual function or satisfaction.

Also, by analyzing some of the randomized control studies, it is found that there were no significant differences in ejaculation latency time [ELT], sexual drive, ejaculation, erection, and sexual performance between circumcised and uncircumcised men.

An expert doctor from ciccumcisiondoctors.com says – ‘Regardless of medical research, some people believe uncircumcised men do experience more pleasure. But overall, the effects of circumcision on sexual pleasure may be more subjective.’

In one of the medical studies, where 450 circumcised males participated, it is found that 48% of them have decreased masturbatory pleasure, while 8% reported increased pleasure. Also, 68% of them have reported increased masturbatory difficulty after circumcision. But masturbatory difficulty became easier for the rest 37%. 6% of the participants answered that their sex lives improved, while 20% reported a worse sex life after circumcision. These differences between circumcised and nom-circumcised males can be due to complications of the surgery and a loss of nerve endings.

In case you are planning to undergo circumcision just to improve your sexual performance, then we say it is better to consult the doctor and choose the right decision because more medical research needs to be done to conclude whether circumcision can improve sexual performance in males or not.

Apart from circumcision, here are some of the proven ways to improve sexual performance in males.

  • Focus on foreplay: Making foreplay for a long time can improve the sexual experience for everyone involved.
  • Try different and new: Try different and new positions to make your sexual activity more exciting.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety: Anxiety and stress are important factors that can make it hard to get or maintain an erection. These feelings can distract you from sexual intimacy and so try to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Practice the start-stop technique: Whenever you feel you are going to ejaculate during sexual activity, stop it. Take a deep breath and start again slowly. Again stop delaying ejaculation for as long as you desire.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking cigarettes can lead to erectile issues like erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoking often improves sexual function and reduces erectile dysfunction as well.
  • Do regular exercises: Regular exercises can improve mental health and reduce anxiety and stress leading to improved sexual experience.

Following these tips can improve your sexual performance. But if your sexual performance is affected because of the foreskin and penile problems, you may need to undergo circumcision. So, before undergoing circumcision, we suggest you know the benefits associated with circumcision.

Benefits of Circumcision:

Circumcision has many advantages than disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits associated with circumcision.

  • Removes tight foreskin
  • Cures medical problems like phimosis and paraphimosis
  • Decreases the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Reduces the risk of STDs and STIs
  • Lowers the risk of penile cancer
  • Makes it easier to wash the penis

To know more details about circumcision, like the risks, complications, and its effects on female partners of circumcised males, contact a circumcision doctor. They house expert medical specialists who are highly trained in performing the safest circumcision.


Poor sexual performance can be concerning and embarrassing. But this is one of the common issues faced by many men. To improve sexual performance, it is recommended to consult a doctor and follow all the instructions suggested by the doctor.

Working with a sex therapist and open communication with the partners can make you feel good about your sexual performance. Also, enough evidence is not available to recommend circumcision for improving sexual performance in males. So, have a consultation with your doctors and choose the right decision.