What Are the Different Types of Solar Energy That Exist Today?

The price of solar has decreased by a staggering 82% since 2010, increasing the demand significantly. The solar industry is currently booming, and at

The price of solar has decreased by a staggering 82% since 2010, increasing the demand significantly. The solar industry is currently booming, and at this rate, about half of American energy could come from solar by 2050. Now, if you want to join the bandwagon and reap the benefits of clean energy, you need to know the different types of solar energy.

Not every solar energy is the same. This means that before you install solar panels in your home, you need to understand the right technology. Keep reading to understand the different types of solar energy.

Solar Thermal Energy

The sun heats the air of the atmosphere and thus produces hot air. That’s why it’s called solar thermal energy. In some places, this technology is used to heat water for a home or a swimming pool. If you need residential solar, this is one of the best types.

This is a widely known type of solar technology because there are systems that allow you to install it in your house easily. The transfer of thermal energy from one place to another requires special equipment called thermal transfer fluid.

It moves with water around the pipes, taking the heat from the sun to where we need them. It may sound complicated, but it works well.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

This is one of the most popular types of solar energy today. It uses photovoltaic cells that capture light energy, after which it converts them into electric power. It allows people to use solar energy for electricity.

This is achieved through a special type of semiconductor called “photovoltaic.” These are the components that are responsible for converting sunlight directly into electricity, which can be stored in batteries. One of the most important things you should know about this type of solar technology is that it only works during daylight or when there are clouds because it converts visible light.

Concentrated Solar Energy

This technology uses mirrors to concentrate the sun’s glare, so it generates more heat than usual. After warming up fluid or oil, they transfer heat to a generator that produces electricity. The mirrors are part of one mechanism linked together and give out great amounts of energy.

This system doesn’t require much maintenance because everything works automatically. Engineers are working day and night to improve concentrated solar energy systems to make them cheaper, safer, and efficient. For installation, hire the best solar energy company, such as Blue Raven.

Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Hybrid Energy

This technology is a combination of the two previous types. It takes advantage of concentrating solar power and photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. Its main characteristic is that it uses movable mirrors to focus sunlight on a huge tower, absorbing the heat and transferring it into molten salt.

This molten salt can reach temperatures as high as 540°C (or 1000°F). When this type of energy was invented, scientists were thinking, “What if we could use this salt?” and so they did.

They used it along with some other chemicals to make PVT cells more efficient, allowing them to work even at night. It’s not such a widely known type of solar energy but has much potential.

Different Types of Solar Energy

These are four of the most common types of solar energy. Some are more advanced than others, but all of them come with their pros and cons. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that you must hire the best solar company for installation.

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