A New Security Application Is Coming to Windows 11

Why is Microsoft Defender (formerly known as Windows Defender) followed by the rumors of being a bad antivirus program? If we test its performance of

Why is Microsoft Defender (formerly known as Windows Defender) followed by the rumors of being a bad antivirus program? If we test its performance of the basic tasks that protect the computer, we will see that according to these functions, it does not differ from the competition.

Microsoft Defender runs in the background and uses a basic antivirus algorithm – it scans files to find malware and monitors the behavior of various software to detect suspicious activity. Possible and identified threats are captured and sent to the cloud for special verification, but this option can also be disabled by the user.

Microsoft Defender can also detect dangerous codes in malicious software, protect the system from ransomware, and protect data from theft. We should not forget that Microsoft Defender performs automatic scans of inserted USBs, and whoever wants, can also perform individual scans of files and folders. The good thing about Defender is that it does not impact speed or fps so it does not noticeably affect gaming performance on your Windows 10 but will shut down unwanted ads of betting operators, filtering only those from Bookmaker-Expert.com that you marked as convenient. 

What Did the Independent Tests Show?

The basic functions of Microsoft Defender are obviously at the required level to provide protection to the operating system, but the real reflection of quality is always testing conducted by various institutions. One of the more reliable tests of antivirus programs, the independent AV-Test, was conducted for the month of October and showed interesting results.

AV-Test is actually the name for various types of testing that rank antivirus programs according to performance, security, and other factors. The study was related to users of Windows 10 Home editions and tested 21 antivirus programs from different manufacturers, and only some of them were Norton, Kaspersky, and Microsoft. The available report shows that Microsoft Defender, Avira, McAfee, Avast, AVG, and many other programs have been tested based on various security aspects such as cyber-attacks, infected emails, or zero-day malware, i.e. those malicious programs that have just emerged.

AV-Test had rigorous testing procedures, and Microsoft Defender received perfect scoring on Windows 10 within the categories of Protection, Performance, and Usability. The maximum score for each category was 6. Other well-known antivirus programs such as Avast or McAfee also received perfect scoring, but Microsoft Defender is the only program with these results that is free.

Microsoft Defender is thus recognized as the software that has the highest level of protection and is thus one of the best solutions for the Windows 10 operating system. The same must be assumed for Windows 11, but users on the new operating system are probably going to face some modifications.

Microsoft Is Making Additional Security Efforts

Work has been confirmed on a new security hub that will be an integral part of Windows 11. Microsoft wants to make additional efforts to provide customers with the best security solutions. The application is currently called “Microsoft Defender Preview” and will allow users to monitor the security aspect for Windows 11 PCs, Macs, and mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

The new Microsoft security center should allow you to monitor antivirus software and potential attacks such as phishing, password theft, or other forms of data theft on your computer desktop or mobile devices. Microsoft Defender will be integrated into the new personalized interface in a way that will be a security hub and interface for monitoring the entire operating system, downloaded applications, and connected devices.

Currently, Windows 10 and Windows 11 come with a Windows Security application that allows users to view security status and enable or disable security features such as firewall settings or protection against unwanted programs. Microsoft Defender, on the other hand, will have a simple interface that should provide a new aspect of personalized protection for all user accounts.

What Else Do We Know…

There is still not much information about the new security center on Windows and the real question is whether Microsoft Defender will completely replace the Windows Security application or not. The new market needs have also prompted Microsoft to develop new security solutions, and current changes are especially relevant when a large number of users work from home and open many e-mail messages or applications that can be targeted and can be infected. It is assumed that the new Microsoft Defender application could be free, but it is also possible that the Microsoft 365 subscription has special customization.

All information has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and the official announcement of the release of a new application that will be a security hub for Windows 11 is currently pending. The new Microsoft Defender application is part of Microsoft’s current activities as two other applications are being modified and redesigned: Paint and Media Player.

Good results of the AV-Test will certainly be reflected in the fact that the user’s confidence in Microsoft (Windows) Defender exists. It should be clearly stated that AV-Test is a test of the functionality of antivirus programs that has a great reputation, but it is not the only one. In some other tests and direct comparisons with other antivirus programs, Microsoft Defender fared slightly and proved that it could not yet fully compete with manufacturers who have been at the top of the rankings for years. Despite not being at the very top, Microsoft Defender has proven to be very reliable in testing and provides excellent protection for the Windows operating system.

The new Microsoft Defender app on Windows 11 is another good news for users. Creating a new security hub says a lot about how the security aspect of Windows 11 will be an important item, and Microsoft will focus its resources on providing an even greater level of protection for its users.