Braze – Everything you need to know about this customer platform

Finding new customers is easy for any business, but maintaining their loyalty is a challenging task. Customer relationship management is a crucial asp

Finding new customers is easy for any business, but maintaining their loyalty is a challenging task. Customer relationship management is a crucial aspect of any business. Right from the marketing of your products and services to handling customer complaints and suggestions is necessary for the growth of the business. Hence, companies focus a significant part of their energies in catering to customer satisfaction. One of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms is Braze. Let us see the characteristics and functioning of Braze and see the Braze pricing aspect as well.

What is Braze?

Braze is not a new concept. Formerly known as Appboy, Braze is a lifecycle engagement platform that enables the formation of strong bonds between people and the product brands they love.

Customer retention is imperative for the growth of any business. Braze empowers brands to humanize their connections with their customers using technology. It ends up delivering better experiences thereby ensuring a higher rate of retention, ROI, and lifetime value. This customer management platform allows brands to deliver personalized messaging experiences to customers.

Braze products

Cross-channel Personalization

Connecting with their customers is a priority for all businesses. Braze enables you to connect to your customers in every possible manner such as mobile, email, internet, tvOS, and through other connected devices. The ultimate objective is to have a meaningful engagement with your customer.

Braze believes in making the customers feel important. It enables you to do so by using personalized push notifications and in-app messaging by considering various aspects of customer interest such as their behavior, location, purchasing history, and so on.

Brands need to gauge customer behavior to satisfy them. Braze enables you to interact with your customers based on their behavior. It provides historical information and helps you to analyze their requirements using predictive analysis.

Lifecycle Engagement Orchestration

Braze uses a visual customer journey tool known as Canvas to help businesses interact with their customers through different channels such as mobile, web, email, and so on. This CRM platform enables you to have a cohesive and continuous messaging experience with your customers.

Braze enables you to value your customer by creating and orchestrating triggered actions that reflect the characteristics and goals of your customers. The trick to have a meaningful customer interaction is to ensure that your customer does not face a single dull moment. Their past interactions and behavior help them to set off on new journeys.

The first impression is a lasting one for the customer. Braze ensures that you have the best interactions whereby it becomes comfortable for businesses to retain their customers and enter into a long-lasting relationship.

Optimization and AI

The days of interacting with humans to gauge customer behavior are over. Today, you have Artificial Intelligence that helps to understand customer relations in a better way. Braze uses Artificial Intelligence to bid goodbye to guesswork. Every customer is unique in the sense that he/she has variable demands. It is not possible to have one solution that can satisfy all customers across the board. Braze analyzes customer behavior perfectly with detail. These detailed reports help the business entities to formulate strategies for dealing with customers depending on their requirements.

The advantage of Artificial intelligence is that it helps you to tackle every customer issue that comes your way. Braze comes equipped with an Intelligence Suite to provide a solid foundation of data-based suggestions that can make your interactions creative thereby leading to better performance. Braze does not let any customer interaction go unnoticed, as it comes up with detailed reports for every advertisement campaign. Each of these reports provides integrated insights and tools for the cross-channel look that Braze is famous for in the industry.

Data Agility and Management

Data management is an essential part of CRM. Braze helps businesses to collect customer preferences and data from other resources. The data-streaming tool, Currents helps to assess these insights from anywhere and export data within no time. It enables businesses to take strategic action, as they have a minefield of data to analyze.

This tool helps you to sift through vast volumes of data in minutes. Therefore, you can focus on your customer’s requirements efficiently. Braze provides access to the data with an interactive feedback loop whereby you end up working smartly. Connecting Braze with your data warehouse, POS systems, and BI tools is possible. It enables you to gather essential data and help you to satisfy your customers. The best aspect of using Braze is that it is a highly secure CRM tool. Hence, managing global data is also an easy task.

What is Braze pricing?

Braze pricing depends on the kind of support you need. The Braze pricing is different for the Custom Growth software, Custom Advanced software, and Custom Pro software. The features of each software solution differ depending on the Braze pricing.

Braze is an essential CRM tool that every business enterprise should have. It enables you to judge customers’ response to your products and services on a real-time basis. Maintaining strong customer relations is necessary for the healthy growth of any company. Braze allows you to do that.