Adventure Resorts near Mumbai: Your Ticket to an Exhilarating Weekend

Life in Mumbai, India’s largest metropolitan city, is fast and ever so dynamic. The ever-increasing hustle in your daily life can sometimes make you f

Life in Mumbai, India’s largest metropolitan city, is fast and ever so dynamic. The ever-increasing hustle in your daily life can sometimes make you feel frustrated. Work is essential, but rest is also needed. There is a limit to what any human can withstand. Sweating every day can be very mundane and enervating. These are times when people wish to get away from the everyday buzz and breathe in some fresh air.

Weekend breaks can be your way out! But the amount of time you can spend away from work is limited. It is, therefore, essential to make the best out of your long awaited and well deserved holidays. The adventure resorts near Mumbai can help you do so.

Choosing the right place can prove to be quite troublesome. A destination which does not suit your palate can ruin the holiday. So, making the right decision is crucial.

Holiday destinations near Mumbai

There are a lot of intoxicating places near the city away from the hubbub which can allow you some calm and peace while offering you the taste of a sweet escapade. Following are some of the places which can help you enjoy your weekends to the fullest.

Dabhosa waterfall

Dabhosa waterfall is one of the main tourist destinations near Mumbai. A perennial waterfall with a crater-shaped bowl for the cascade is a spectacular sight. To top it all, the lake at the bottom of the waterfall adds a sense of serenity which can make one feel blessed. Spending a day at a resort in Dabhosa can be refreshing as well as an exciting experience.


Located in the middle of the spectacular gorges, valleys and greenery, Dandeli is a utopia for all who love the touch of nature. The place is easily connected by roads and accessible from Mumbai. One can spend the day at the resorts on the bank of the Kali river while enjoying the breath-taking surrounding ambience.


Located 117 km from Mumbai, Kolad is one of the best camping grounds mostly because of the river Kundalika. There are many resorts where people can stay and organise adventure activities like kayaking, jungle camping, river rafting, etc. In fact, Kolad is the only place in India to offer white water rafting throughout the year.

The place is well-connected and quite accessible from various places in the country. So, whether you want to organize a kids’ adventure camp or an employees’ development training program, Kolad is the best place to choose.

Durshet forest

It is located near the magnificent Sahyadri range and is adjacent to the Amba river. It is only a two-hour drive from Mumbai. For nature lovers, this can be a paradise. The Thanala Rock Cut Caves give this place a mysterious feel. Accompanied by the Pali and Mahad Ashta Vinayak Ganpati Temples, this Durshet forest is a must visit for anyone.

The adventure resorts near Mumbai can give you an experience worth remembering. The feeling of oneness with nature can make you feel refreshed and healthy. It can help you get prepared for the next journey ahead in life. No matter what awaits you in the coming week, you will be prepared.