How to Utilize Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging for Promoting your Cause?

Every business has a cause, belief or social corporate responsibility that it avidly promotes. Cosmetic brands are also contributing their share in u

Every business has a cause, belief or social corporate responsibility that it avidly promotes. Cosmetic brands are also contributing their share in upholding women, social, environmental, education and other causes. Product packaging is a smart tool that can be effectively utilized for highlighting what you believe in and how you want your customers to be a part of it. 

The Body Shop, for instance, is forever against animal testing, this belief is quite evident in their product packaging. So if your makeup brand also has a social or environmental belief, make the most of your packaging to voice it out. Buyers feel more inclined into making purchases from businesses that do more than just selling products. 

Having custom cosmetic boxes designed with your social cause campaign is likely to intrigue shoppers into knowing more about your brand. It will also give you an opportunity to reach out to a wider target audience. 

Here are some ways to make the most of your product packaging for cosmetics to promote your cause.

Use the Packaging Design to your Advantage

If your cosmetic brand wants to play its part in creating awareness for breast cancer, for instance, you can have the relevant symbol or color scheme customized for the cosmetic packaging box design. 

Potential customers would have a look at your packaging artwork and will get an instant idea that you want to educate women on increasing risks of breast cancer. Similarly, any other cause can be promoted with pictorial and text details on your makeup and skincare packaging. 

Cosmetic Box Packaging with Enlightening Text

You can use a small space on the packaging to enlighten the existing and new customers about the cause you endeavor to promote. Be it education for all, helping out a particular section of society or a general issue that you want to bring in the limelight, use your boxes for cosmetics to share what you believe in. 

If there is something that you want the customers to contribute towards, mention it. It can be a particular share from the sales of certain makeup and other items that you intend to donate to a charity. Enlightening the buyers through product boxes will make them well-acquainted with your CSR and they will be inclined into extending their support. 

Themed Packaging for Special Causes

If your brand is associated with many charities and causes, having themed custom cosmetic packaging boxes for each of them would pique the interest of potential buyers and they will be glad to become a part of your business. 

You can have signature products with themes from your causes to boost your sales for a special fundraising event. For instance, you can have your matte lipstick collection themed with refugee women empowerment ideas and donate a certain percentage of the sales to the cause. 

Share the details of sales afterward on social media to acknowledge and appreciate the buyers for believing in your cause and assisting you with achieving a donation target. This will encourage them for future ventures. Make sure that you provide verifiable details about the cause on your cosmetic boxes wholesale. There should be proper information available on how long you have been associated with a charity or an NGO. You have to build credibility with the customers to make them contribute towards your corporate social responsibility.