10 Best Gift Ideas to Surprise your Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend’s birthday approaching first but you are not so sure what to get him? There are plenty of birthday gifts available in stores and m

Is your boyfriend’s birthday approaching first but you are not so sure what to get him? There are plenty of birthday gifts available in stores and malls; the problem comes in selecting the best gift for him. Any simple meaningful gift would do and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Fortunately, men are easy going and would appreciate any love and romance gift you present to them. Just ensure that the packaging is perfect and has some flowers to accompany them. He is special to you so make him feel like a king with special birthday gifts of love. If you are completely running out birthday gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday,

Here are 10 birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

1. Create him a love storybook 


The best gift to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday is a DIY gift that takes a little bit of creativity to make him feel special and loved. One way to do this is to create a love storybook for him. To create this romantic gift, get a plain notebook or plain papers that can be bound together to form a book. Cover it with a beautiful hardcover. Get the old photos that you took together and glue them to the papers write down romantic love letters of love telling him how much he means to you. You can use different color pens to make it colorful. Write what brought you together and how you wish you will grow old together as partners. This will make him feel loved and appreciated. You can complement this gift with a bouquet of red birthday roses.

2. Rainbow roses go with every gift



Don’t be shy to try a gift that you gave him on his last birthday. Just change the presentation to make it interesting. You can do this using any kind of gift and decorate those using different hues of the roses to make a rainbow. Get a nice round box and place the gift in the middle of the box. The box should either be white red or black to make the romantic flowers pop. Depending on his age, get different colored roses and place them around the edges of the box. This will make a perfect gift for any teenage boyfriend. It may be a Smartphone, Bluetooth speakers or a set of headphones. Whatever the gift, presenting it surrounded with rainbow roses will be perfect.

3. Handmade brass or copper ring 



Gifts don’t need to big to make an impression. Small gifts of love also matter. You can try getting him a brass or copper ring engraved with his name or initials. He is the love of your life, therefore, make him feel so. Since you can’t create this gift yourself, go to your local jeweler and ask him to design one for you. If make costs you, but the gift will be worth it. You can design two rings for both of you to make it more special and romantic. A ring is symbolic since it binds two love birds together and since you are a couple, this will be a perfect gift.

4. A pair of Sneakers 


A pair of sneakers for your man is a great gift as it shows that you care for his health and want him to stay by jogging. Plus men love morning jogs as they make them feel revitalized and ready to take the day by its horns. These shoes are also available in different colors and brands so make sure you get his favorite color and brand. You can complement this gift with a pair of tracksuit to make him morning jogs and gym sessions interesting. You can make it even special by getting two pairs for two of you so people notice you as a couple as you jog.

5. DIY pillowcase


A pillowcase gift for love birds never grows old especially if you like spending time together watching movies and TV shows. To make it even better you can personalize the gift by printing his picture or of both of you or print romantic words altogether. A set of pillowcases is even better to pick a bright color to brighten up the environment. This is his special day so complement the gift with nice birthday flowers.

6. Personalized snow globe



This is the perfect gift especially if his birthday falls in winter. I know this looks like a Christmas gift but it can also work well for any occasion that falls during winter. What will make this gift special is by personalizing the gift by printing his name on the bottom of the snow globe coupled with romantic words to melt his heart with love? You can get this gift in any mall or gift shop.

7. Gym Membership 


Want your boyfriend to shed a few pounds and look good? Why not get him a six months subscription at your local gym. You’ve been meaning to tell him to exercise more, but couldn’t find the right moment. Well, this is the perfect opportunity. Just surprise him with this gift and he will have no choice but to join the program.

8. A bouquet of birthday flowers 


A gift of flowers is always pleasant to any person. Flowers are symbolic and carry a lot of meaning. They are used to convey love and affection which makes them perfect for this occasion. You’ve been through thick and thin with him and all he needs is a small token of appreciation. There is no better way to portray your love than with a lovely bouquet of red birthday roses of love. If it’s young love, pink flowers will do just fine. But to show how passionate you are deep red roses are the best.

9. Breakfast in Bed 


The morning of his birthday, make him feel like a king by bringing him breakfast on his bed. Although this looks overrated, it is the effort and gesture that matters. Plus men love to be pampered and what better way to cater for him than to bring him breakfast on his bed. This will be a great surprise since men hardly remember their birthday. You can make it colorful and special with birthday flower arrangements.

10. A Gifts Basket 


A gift basket is never old for a gift especially if you want to surprise him at his workplace or office. Fill the basket with nice treats like chocolate cookies, candy bars, or fruits. You can also include a bottle of wine decorated perfectly with lovely flowers to make it grand. You don’t need to stress yourself finding the right gift, just go with your guts and you will never go wrong. Remember, the efforts put into romantic gifts are what make them special.