Coping with Terminal Disease

Learning that you have a terminal disease can disorganize your life tremendously. While we would like to live forever, death is inevitable in this wor

Learning that you have a terminal disease can disorganize your life tremendously. While we would like to live forever, death is inevitable in this world. While there is no prescribed way to deal with the news that a loved one is suffering from a terminal disease – it could also be you – there are some tips when followed can help you cope with the news.

Some of the emotions that you may experience include fear, shock, anger, denial, resentment, sadness, frustration, helplessness, relief, and acceptance. You will often go through the five stages of grief. It is vital that you have loved near you to share your emotions. This is especially the case when you first hear the news. Some people may be unable to cope with the news,and it is crucial that you have loved one accompany you to the doctor’s office.

The doctor often has some information that they want to share with the sick person,but due to the emotions taking place they may not pay close attention to what the doctor is saying. That is why it is vital to have a close friend around. The doctor may also recommend support groups that can help you deal with the issue. Some people may take to various drugs but be aware of the side effects of cocaine as a coping mechanism. This article offers tips to deal with the terminal disease.

Learn more about the disease

We often avoid hearing anything about the condition,but it is crucial that you gain knowledge about what you are going through. You can find information on physical or emotional symptoms and this boost your coping mechanisms. You can consult your doctor or find information from various support groups on the disease. Learning helps you to better deal with symptoms that arise.

Find someone to talk to

It is our natural tendency to isolate ourselves once we learn that we are going through challenges. It is essential that you find a close friend or relative who you can share the news with. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and lonely. Their situations where you feel that those close to you are also overwhelmed by the news and they are still trying to come to terms with losing you. This will necessitate you to talk to a third party like a doctor or counselor who may not be that close to you. You can join a support group where you can share your experiences and fears.

Forgive yourself

One of the emotions that you battle with during this time is guilt. You could be feeling angry at yourself for getting the disease,but it is vital that you learn to forgive yourself –this releases you from all the negativity. Realize that this disease could have happened to anyone. What your feeling is perfectly normal and you do not need to be ashamed of the negative emotions. There are days that you will be in good moods while on other days it will be dark and lonely.

Make priorities

After having discussions with your doctor, you should know how many days you have left. It is good at this point to determine what really matters in your life. Depending on the status of your health is there a place you would like to visit or some foods that you enjoy eating. Prioritize on what makes you happy at that moment. It is equally important that you use this time with those who matter to you the most. Is there someone you need to forgive? This is the time to do so. Prioritizing your life enables you tolive the best possible with the remaining time; it also elevates feelings of hopelessness and fear.

Look after yourself

This is the time to do things that you love.There times you may feel lethargic and others when you are energetic. When you feel down, you can try getting a massage or aromatherapy. This may not be the ideal time to go the drugs way as this will cause further problems. Drugs can make you feel good in the short term,but the adverse effects can be catastrophic. Talk to family and friends how they can help in making your life more comfortable. This can include assisting with the driving, shopping or cleaning. Do not feel guilty asking for help.

Handle the “elephant” in the room

While many people are morbid about death, this is the time to make plans for it. How do you plan to split your assets? If you can find the strength try to help your loved ones come to terms with your demise. While this will not be easy, it will help them cope better. You can have a joint family meeting to discuss any pending issues relating to burial and financial support.

Take each day step by step

It is normal to feel overwhelmed with life and all the decisions that you need to make. You will need to take each day as it comes. Avoid taking in more than you can handle. If you are in the moods for traveling – do it that day. Try to break up what you want to do into small goals. Achieving small goals helps to build your confidence and prevents you from feelings of being overwhelmed. Some of the small goals you can learn doing include: making a photo album, gardening, visiting a friend who is sick, or volunteering at a children hospital. Avoid tackling everything at once. Take your time to enjoy the life that you have now. When you have the strength,then you can handle the more difficult stuff. Journaling your worries can help you relieve the stress and negative emotions that you are experiencing. You can even share this with loved ones so that they can better understand what you are going through.


Having a terminal disease can cause you to be overwhelmed – this is because of the negative emotions that you are confrontedwith. But, by following some of the tips, we have mentioned above you can rise above what you are feeling. It is normal to feel energetic one day and the next lethargic.


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