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Do Hearing Aids contribute in Hearing Loss progression?

No, hearing loss does not contribute in Hearing Loss progression. Hearing loss is caused because of prolonged exposure to loud noises which is above f

No, hearing loss does not contribute in Hearing Loss progression. Hearing loss is caused because of prolonged exposure to loud noises which is above from 80 dB. If your hearing aid programmed to produce louder noise than necessary. Then your hearing aid can damage your hearing. If your hearing aid is programmed properly and well fitted as well as filter sounds properly than your hearing device does not damage your hearing.

Hearing loss contribute in a progression of hearing loss is only perception:

Most of the individual think before buying hearing aid if they start wearing hearing aid their hearing loss goes more serious. After wearing a hearing aid for some weak, people express that they can’t hear those sounds which they hear before using hearing aid without their hearing device. It is only people perception not reality.

Most of the people experience hearing loss from 7 to 10 years before taking help or treatment from hearing professional or healthcare specialist. Commonly their hearing ability goes more severe in this period of time. Because of this their brain gets habitual to hearing loss and begins or started to understand their hearing ability is normal

When patients with hearing loss problem begin wearing a hearing aid. Than a clarity of sounds is disputed for few weeks because their brain is readjusting and learning to recognize a new normal level of hearing loss people hearing ability. Once this process will happen or completed than hearing loss affected people’s hearing is more noticeable if they are not using a hearing device.

Use It or Lose It Principle:

If you have any degree of hearing loss than you miss various sounds that you want to hear. If you hear less amount of sound than your nerve or brain get less simulation. Nerves of our body require active simulation. If you lose simulations than your nerve stop working properly. When your nerve does not simulate sound for a long time than your hearing nerve becomes less active in processing sounds. And part of the brain which process sounds is known as auditory cortex as similar to the human body it needs exercise to stay healthy.

If you have hearing loss than your hearing nerves are unable in getting simulation from the sound which it needs to keep it functioning properly. It can minimize your ability to recognize speech even when you are able to hear it. If you are wearing hearing aid your hearing nerve or brain get accurate simulation for functioning. Once your hearing nerve is damaged then there is not any treatment option or way to reverse it.

Role of hearing aid fitting or programing:

Hearing aid fitting as well as programming is an important concern. If your hearing aid is not fitted or programmed well than it can damage your hearing and also eardrum. So you need those hearing aids which is fitted and programmed correctly according to you and your daily routine needs.

A hearing aid amplify and process those sounds that you can hear easily. A louder sound produced by hearing aid to your eardrum can damage your hearing so you need well fitted or programmed hearing aid that doesn’t harm your hearing. A healthcare and hearing professional adjust level of amplification and sound processing that allow you to hear sounds naturally.

If your hearing aid produces a sound too loud then you need to go to your hearing professional to readjust hearing device. If your hearing device is programmed to amplify those frequencies that you can already hear then it is harmful if you use it for a long time.

Why you need help of an audiologist:

You need an audiologist because well-fitted hearing aid make your hearing or quality of life better and it is important for you to protect your eardrums by using properly fitted as well as correctly programmed hearing devices. Every people have a different level of hearing requirements and audiologist work with you to find a suitable level to help you in hearing sounds naturally. Hearing aid always need adjustment according to wearer needs.