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Facing a rear-end collision in Nevada state? You require legal assistance!

According to an NHTSA report, nearly one in every three accidents in America is due to rear-end collisions. Despite being very frequent, the legal has

According to an NHTSA report, nearly one in every three accidents in America is due to rear-end collisions. Despite being very frequent, the legal hassles are unending for the victim.

The common question asked by those involved in a rear-end collision is, ‘do I need an attorney for a rear end auto accident?’ It is a valid question that needs to be answered.

This article attempts to explore the case of rear-end collisions in Nevada state. It helps in understanding whether or not an attorney needs to be hired.

Let us see!
Two cents about rear-end collisions and Nevada laws
A rear-end collision can be seen as an accident where a vehicle crashes into the one in front of it. It is usually assumed that the rear driver is responsible for the collision.

Some common reasons for a higher frequency of faulty rear-end driving are

  • Trailing too close
  • Speeding
  • Brake failure
  • Slippery roads
  • Distracted driving

There are also instances where the lead driver is at fault for a rear-end collision.
Here is how:

  • Broken brake lights
  • Erratic lane change
  • Sudden and unnecessary braking

Under Nevada’s comparative negligence law, the level of fault of a driver determines the quantum of compensation due.

Using Photos and Videos

Photos and videos from the accident scene that drivers, passengers, and eyewitnesses can take photos that can be used to determine who caused the accident. In general, photographic evidence can also support other evidence by making it easier for the insurance adjuster and police to decide liability. For instance, some photos may show the faces of possible eyewitnesses or the location of video cameras nearby.

Video evidence is usually better than photographic evidence. Some drivers have cameras installed on their dashboards. An experienced attorney can request security camera footage and investigate your accident thoroughly to collect the necessary evidence that will support your case.

It means, if you’re 20% responsible for the accident, you get 80% as compensation. Such legal intricacies can be a battlefield to determine who is at fault and by how much.

Therefore, irrespective of whether one is a lead or the trailing driver, establishing fault on the negligent party becomes important to claim compensation.

Can an accident attorney help?

The victims of an accident are usually in need of medical treatment for their injuries. They are required to spend extended periods under hospitalization. They also suffer from pain and emotional trauma. Fighting a legal battle on top of them is quite an ordeal for anyone.

Hiring a professional accident attorney can be helpful in the following ways.

A professional accident attorney has experience in dealing with different types of collisions. They give practical legal advice for a rear-end collision. So, instead of just assuming that a rear-end collision was your fault, hire a lawyer and let them do what they do the best – defend your rights!

The law firms based out of the Nevada area have a vast knowledge of Nevada motor vehicle jurisdiction.

The law firms undertake a meticulous accident scene reconstruction to establish the fault of the negligent driver.

It is then corroborated by valid pieces of evidence like call records, witness statements, and other debris collected from the site.
Besides, even if the accident was partially your fault, you shouldn’t be paying the other party 100% compensation. If you’re 80% at fault, the other 20% shouldn’t be taken from your pocket.

All in all, by establishing fault and aggressively arguing for the victim, an attorney can ensure fair compensation in the case.
Also, if you’re the accused driver, your attorney will make sure that you don’t have to pay anything beyond the damage you’ve caused.

Concluding thoughts
It is highly recommended to hire an attorney when the rear-end collision is serious. Since thousands of dollars and a lot more is at stake, not hiring the right attorney will be an expensive mistake.

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