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Clear Aligners: The New Way to Get Your Smile Straightened

Do you want to get your teeth to straighten but do not want to undergo through the hassle of wires? Are you not okay with the idea of wires around you

Do you want to get your teeth to straighten but do not want to undergo through the hassle of wires? Are you not okay with the idea of wires around your teeth?

Worry no more! We are here to make your life hassle-free. Clear aligners Brisbane are the new age braces which can fit perfectly to your teeth without anybody knowing that you have any sort of teeth straighteners on. They overgo the traditional braces and make straightening of your teeth a better and fun experience.

They work like the traditional braces and fix the teeth by controlling the tooth movement with the gradual force but without the wires. The aligners are custom made for a particular set of teeth and are made from the plastic material.

One is required to wear them for at least 20 hours a day and should be changed after say like 2-3 weeks depending on the movement of your teeth. How long the treatment should be, varies from case to case. In mild cases, the treatment can be completed in 3 weeks but if the cases are severe then it can stretch to even six months. However, if the case is of severe crowding then aligners are not an option, one needs to undergo the option of traditional wired braces.

Being made of plastic and not metal, they do not irritate the gums and are comfortable than the traditional wired braces. This accounts for the easy maintenance of teeth with braces since brushing & flossing is done by removing the aligners.

What is the treatment process of Aligners?

As discussed, these are custom made for a set of teeth and are used to move the teeth in smaller movements after which one need to get it replaced with a new set depending on the teeth movement. Because the teeth move with time it is very important that they are of tight fit which can put pressure on the teeth.

It is very important that the dentist you visit is an expert in such cases as they will have a better knowledge of the fit and its function. It sometimes happens that the dentist you visit is not a pro in such cases, as a result, he/she will guide you for traditional braces but there was scope for aligners. But in some cases, it is also possible that aligners actually are not a good option for the teeth correction. Nonetheless, a proper examination is a must in such cases.

Once you have decided to go ahead with clear aligners, your dentist will first take a digital impression of your teeth. After a detailed study of your impression, your dentist will design the aligners for your set of teeth. The design is made in a way that fits the impression of the person. Once the design is approved, the next step is to fabricate the aligners which are done through 3D printing technology. The person is then made to try these and is adjusted if any corrections required. These are preferred choice when one does not want to have a set of visible braces and the care is not a problem since they are to be worn only for 20 hours a day. The only issue with these new age braces is that they are expensive than the traditional set of braces.

Anyone who has distorted teeth and wants to get them to straighten are eligible for such type of braces, however, these are not suitable or advisable to kids. In case a person is facing severe crowding, then aligners cannot solve the purpose of getting the teeth to straighten. For that, you will require the force of metal wires and braces so that your teeth are in alignment. But nowadays we have a lot of options even in the traditional braces.

Does a person face any side effects after getting the aligners?

Because they are not made of metal, therefore, they do not have any such side effects. It is only in the initial time period that a person might suffer from soreness in the jaw because the teeth have just started moving and the bone is softening. One can also face the issue of fitting the aligners, as the teeth need to be in the position which we want to have with the aligners which might take some time. Other than these minor issues there isn’t any severe problem faced.

Make sure you go through all the post-treatment guidelines laid by your dentist for effective results. These include:

  • Wearing them for at least 20 hours every day
  • Remove them while brushing and flossing
  • Wear them everyday
  • After every six weeks visit your dentist or when your aligners loosen. (whichever is earlier)

The treatment cost is generally higher than metal braces but varies from case to case. One just needs to look out for the teeth braces cost and get the desired braces and get the perfect smile you desire.