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How To Clean A Sofa Avoid These Mistakes While Cleaning An Upholstered Sofa

Suppleness, comfort and design elegance have made upholstered furniture a comfy choice for homes, offices and hotels. A lot of foam cushion, metallic/

Suppleness, comfort and design elegance have made upholstered furniture a comfy choice for homes, offices and hotels. A lot of foam cushion, metallic/wooden frame, springs and thick fabric or leather is used to make this sophisticated piece of furniture. If you look around you will find a wide range of furniture pieces like single chairs, dining chairs and sofas to double and triple seat couches and sofa cum bed.

Regular furniture maintenance is essential not only for the health and hygiene of whole family, but also important to preserve its shine, texture and comfort for the lifetime. Despite being a low maintenance piece of furniture, when it comes to laundering upholstered furniture, domestic users often make few deadly mistakes. These mistakes will eventually lead to irreversible damages.

Still, you know how to clean a sofa; you may make these mistakes without realizing that it will damage this plush piece in your drawing room.

Ignoring manufacturer guidelines

Reputable retailers essentially provide complete maintenance and cleaning guideline in written to help buyers to take care of their sofas and chairs. These easy to follow guidelines will enable owners to keep furniture in appropriate condition without damaging the material.

Use of wrong cleaning product

Like other wooden or metal furniture, upholstered furniture items also get dirty and stained. Whether it’s regular, dusting, wiping and conditioning of the fabric of furniture or it’s treating emergency spills of water, oil, paint and dust; you will need a suitable product. Always consider the fabric type and finish of fabric used. Pick up the most suitable good quality product to avoid unintentional damages.

Don’t use harsh chemical and sharp tools. Use soft towels and microfiber cloths with blotting capabilities over leather surfaces. Don’t believe home stores claiming and selling universal cleaning solutions. Standard kits include cleaners, conditioners and preserver to offer complete care and maintenance.

Using wrong methods

No matter how carefully you have chosen the sofa cleaner; if you don’t use it appropriately, you will ruin the upholstery. Whether you are not following the mentioned instructions or you are using the same solution for all types of stains, you will end up damaging it. Use of wrong method or product will actually enlarge the stain. Often low-quality cleaning solutions stain the fabric.

Hiring an inexperienced cleaning service

Often people made a mistake of saving money when hiring a professional. As they have purchased a suitable kit and basic tools, they mistakenly assume that individuals from local laundry or cleaning service can tackle their sophisticated piece of furniture. In fact this is the worst thing they are doing with their luxury sofa. Upholstered furniture is made for low moist treatment. They can’t be soaked or splashed with water or cleaning solution. Professionals are trained to handle these foam stuffed furniture pieces.

Unnecessary delays or negligence to clean

Never make a mistake of ignoring regular dusting and wiping. Immediate treatment is not only necessary in case of spills and stains. Regular removal of dust and grime is also essential to keep sofa looking new and tidy. Untidy furniture looks not only bad but also welcome bugs, pests and rodents. To maintain a good health and hygiene, you need to keep them clean.