Choosing the right web development Company – important things you should Consider!

Choosing a website development and design company is an overwhelming task, which at times is even harder than choosing a construction company for your

Choosing a website development and design company is an overwhelming task, which at times is even harder than choosing a construction company for your home or choosing a financial consultant to manage your wealth.

The reason?

Well, to put it simply the overwhelming number of businesses boasting about their efficiency and expertise for web development can literally cease your ability to choose the right one.

So, what’s the right way of choosing the right business?

Honestly, there is no certain path that can help you choose the right company. Rather, you would have to follow some best practices to choose a company that’s worth your investment.

Below we have come up with few exclusive tips that will help you in making the right decision when choosing a web development company;

– Portfolio

While this may not give you the complete picture of the expertise and experience of the company, nonetheless, it is a good place to start your search from. Many businesses maintain a detailed portfolio over the business websites, which mean you can easily check them out for an initial judgment and expectations from the firm


If there is one thing good about such a massive competition it’s about the pricing. With hundreds of businesses competing to grab the project, you always have the power to negotiate and ask for concessions. However, don’t forget that “you get only what you pay for”. This means, while you will essentially have companies that will be ready to grab the project in abhorrently cheap prices, you should get prepared to ask for some grave troubles.

Just remember, cheapest is never the best option and you should actually look for a professional company that’s moderately priced and ready to give you full worth of the money.

– Reviews and Referrals

There is no better way to choose a web development company (In fact any business) than by going with referrals and reviews. The fact that there are various third-party review platforms gives you an ideal opportunity to interact with people who have experience working with the firm and are ready to share their honest experience with you. You can also look out for recommendation from peers or colleagues, just to be sure about your choice.

Google+, Facebook, Yelp are some of the more well-known platforms where you’ll find unbiased reviews and ratings for a business. Contrarily, you shouldn’t go with the testimonials found over the website as they certainly are doubtful and biased.

– Extra Services

Now, while this might not pop-up as the most pressing thought at first, but the fact is the world of digital marketing have completely transformed the legacy systems and processes and today there is no concept of a standalone service. To simply put, even with the best team of developers at your disposal you can’t guarantee the success of the business, given you don’t integrate SEO requisites to the site.

This means, while your primary expertise should be for an expert web developer, it always helps if the company offer other services; especially search engine optimization and digital marketing. This will ensure that they have a fair bit of idea for the marketing requirements and will integrate requisite tools to help your website win over the battle of search engine dominance.

About the Author:

John Smith is specialist in designing effective digital marketing strategy and SEO specialist at Digital Gravity – A reputed web development company in Abu Dhabi. He has his master’s in marketing from Iqra University and has a career that spans over a decade in digital marketing. He loves to write about tech shaping e-commerce industry.