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Visit Children’s Optometrist And Bless Your Child With Good Vision

In early years of growth children are highly susceptible to various eye issues and diseases. Some of them may be genetic or birth disorders and other

In early years of growth children are highly susceptible to various eye issues and diseases. Some of them may be genetic or birth disorders and other may be acquired. Timely detection and corrective steps can help children in overcoming these issues and restoring their eye health. Protecting the eye from further damage is as much important as to protect the eye from any external harm. Eye being the most delicate organ needs extreme care.

# 1. Children Have Special Needs.

A children’s Optometrist has to have specialized training and knowledge in dealing with kids and their vision. That is why there has been the advent of the pediatric department even in the optometry segment.

  • Children’s eyes are still in the developing stage making them more delicate, thus their treatment and handling needs higher levels of precision, training and expertise.
  • A facility which treats children should be kids friendly. You would not want your child to get scared and cry vehemently looking at the imposing devices.
  • Children’s optometrist should be equipped with the right sized equipment’s. For instance, a Slit Lamp or a general microscope which is apt for adult examination may not hold good for the kids and would not give accurate results.
  • Toddlers who are too young to read need picture charts to get their visual acuity measured. Those who are still in their infancy are to be physically examined with trained hand movements.

It is thus advisable to visit a Pediatric optometrist for regular eye check-up of your child because they are trained to deal with children and thus are more proficient and accurate in their findings.

# 2. Common Eye Issues to Be Treated in Children.

Negligence with minor eye issues in children can often take the shape of serious concerns and can cause a permanent impairment. Visit a children’s optometrist who can treat well all issues which are common in kids.

  • Eye Alignment- A routine examination in children often leads to detection of alignment issues. The eyes do not work together, and this causes strain and disability. A timely intervention and corrective steps can resolve the problem.
  • Stye- This is very common in kids. A stye is the development of painful red bump on the eyelid and causes a lot of discomfort. A doctor who is trained and knowledgeable can cure this symptom within a few days.
  • Tear Ducts- Tear ducts help in proper functioning of the eye. At times babies are born with blocked tear ducts and this causes excessive dryness in the eye. In such cases a Children’s optometrist would advise message or medication to resume proper working
  • Conjunctivitis- This bacterial infection spreads and is very common cause of an optometrist visit amongst children. A good doctor would take proper tests to check whether it is a common infection or something grave and then advice rest or medication accordingly.
  • Cataract- Cataract involves cloudy vision and difficulty in perception. This needs very specialized attention and properly trained pediatric doctor to treat the condition.

The list of above-mentioned eye issue throws a light on the conditions which a good children’s optometrist should be versant with. A doctor who has a good reputation and has been in the field for long will have the requisite experience to deal with kids issues par perfection. Visiting a children’s optometrist on a regular basis can help your child a great deal in identification and cure of many serious eye problems, when the time is still in your hand. Since adult bodies are different from kids it is crucial to choose a pediatric optometrist for your kid so that the right treatment is followed without glitches.