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What are the career options available after completing a global MBA degree?

Postgraduate degrees in business administration are becoming increasingly popular in the educational sector, as they equip students with the skills n

Postgraduate degrees in business administration are becoming increasingly popular in the educational sector, as they equip students with the skills needed to progress in their business career. Adding a global element to the qualification can turn out to be an advantage for students who aspire to work in an international environment. This professional MBA programme, is specifically designed to help you acquire international business skills. It will provide you with a global perspective and understanding of business management, as well as improve your career prospects to a great extent. Let us now look at the different career options with global MBA.

  • International Trade Policy Advisor – International trade policy advisors are responsible for communicating a foreign country’s business regulations to its clients. This information is basically tailored according to the client’s product or service offerings. Also known as International trade specialists, they specialise in providing clients with demographic statistics and information about incentives for promoting their trade in particular areas. They are responsible for cultivating valuable relationships in foreign markets with international trade lawyers, accounting professionals and supply chain logistics experts. Furthermore, they are highly proficient in analysing how to locate statistical data and regulatory information quickly. 
  • Global Management Consultant – Global management consultants are mainly responsible for handling international business, thereby allowing businesses to become international in scope. They are generally hired by organizations are seeking new markets to launch their products and services as well as helping them sustain in the competitive and complex marketplace. Their day-to-day job duties require them to focus on achieving objectives that contribute to the growth and profits of the organisation, to help it sustain success in overseas markets. Also referred to as management analysts, they specialise in areas such as production, sales, distribution, purchasing, human resources and supply chain.
  • International Sales Manager – International sales managers direct and manage all activities taking place in a company’s sales division. They are responsible for establishing goals and advising representatives on how to improve sales and performance around the world. They are required to be in contact with distributors to gather and analyse data, evaluate sales statistics and customer satisfaction. Besides coordinating the operations of the sales department, they also review progress reports to determine sales potential, customer needs and the pricing of products or services efficiently. 
  • Global Marketing Manager − Global marketing managers work with business organisations to develop strategies for commerce in foreign countries. They are also known as global marketing professionals who specialise in developing materials, conducting market research and creating strategies to improve company sales. They are required to research global business and industry stats on a regular basis, to help the company expand into international sales. They are generally specialised in consumer behaviour, sales, visual arts and statistics and are also equipped with creativity, management, research, branding, analytical and marketing skills. They are proficient in identifying the competitive status and work closely with the sales and product-development departments to determine what products or services require marketing.

Pursuing a Global MBA degree can help you keep up-to-date with the latest management trends and techniques, thereby allowing you to explore innovative business ventures. If you are interested in becoming a part of the global business marketplace and increase your chances of getting hired by international companies, apply for the course now.

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