Car Wraps – Should You Invest in a Car Wrap or a New Paint Job?

Are you currently lost in an internet hole trying to work out whether you should invest in a car wrap or just a whole new paint job? Firstly, the pani

Are you currently lost in an internet hole trying to work out whether you should invest in a car wrap or just a whole new paint job? Firstly, the panic is over because you’re in the right place. Secondly, keep on reading to learn everything you need to know. 

What’s a Car Wrap?

Since repainting has always been the traditional option, it makes sense to start with an explanation of car wraps. Ask your parents, and they probably don’t even know about car wraps because the only option for them in their younger years was to get a new paint job. 

Well, car wraps come in a manner of different shapes and sizes. While some choose to protect their paint with DIY ceramic paint protection coating, others use full vinyl wraps

Ceramic Coating: If you choose this option, the idea is to replace wax with an advanced ceramic coating. After cleaning, it doesn’t take much for a vehicle to look dusty, grimy, and old again. Therefore, most protective coating for cars are designed to keep a car looking shiny for longer after spending an afternoon cleaning. 

With the right coating, you only need to apply once, and it lasts for much longer than other solutions. As well as protecting from stains, it also provides protection against scratching, bird droppings, tar spots, road grime, and more. If you have an off-road vehicle, it has particular value because you can prevent fading, scuff marks, and other damage. 

Vinyl Wraps: On the other hand, vinyl wraps apply a thin layer of vinyl around your vehicle. The difference between a coating and a wrap is that the latter often covers the whole car and is available in various designs and colours. Also, you can apply a ceramic coating yourself, while a vinyl wrap is generally applied by a professional (hence it ends up as a more expensive process). 

Ultimately, wraps and coatings are the best options if the car is in good condition and doesn’t need a whole new paint job. Unfortunately, it’s not wise to apply either if your vehicle is damaged, scratched, dented or if it contains other imperfections. 

Benefits of a New Paint Job 

With this, we reach the most significant determinant of which solution you choose. If your car is in good condition, you don’t need a whole new paint job. Instead, you can wrap it with vinyl or apply a ceramic coating to keep the paint in excellent condition in the years to come. If your car is damaged with any of the aforementioned afflictions, it might be best to get a new paint job before then applying a coating to keep it in top condition. 

If you’re choosing between the two options, look at your vehicle and decide whether or not it needs professional attention. If yes, you likely need a new paint job. If not, you can apply a coating or wrap. 

Of course, you should also be aware of the fantastic touch-up paint products available on the market right now. If you don’t need to paint the whole car, you might decide to touch up a particular section and then apply a coating on the entire vehicle. 


It’s not that one solution is better than the other; you actually need the right solution for your situation. Lots of damage needs professional attention and potentially a new paint job. A car in better condition doesn’t need so much attention, and a wrap or coating will work. After a new paint job, apply a coating to keep it shining month after month!