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What is the best way to crack the English paper of CAPF Assistant Commandant?

This article will help you to learn different tricks and techniques to clear the English paper for CAPF Assistant commandant. There are a lot of thing

This article will help you to learn different tricks and techniques to clear the English paper for CAPF Assistant commandant. There are a lot of things that you must take into consideration while applying and appearing for CAPF exam. Most of us already know the exam is conducted into two parts. Paper 1 comprises of 125 questions which are all objective type and paper 2 includes essays and comprehensions and are mostly subjective type. 

Classification of the English paper

Question Types credits
Essay or paragraph writing  100
Precise writing 75
Comprehension reading 75
Grammar 50


Topic wise preparation tricks

As it is said practice makes a man perfect, hence to be honest if you have to perfect with your essays then it will take some time and practice. Your essays will not be perfect from day 1, hence you should start practicing for it as soon as you plan for CAPF examination. To write something good you need to have a thorough knowledge of the topic. To embrace this skill you must have a daily habit of reading newspapers. Reading the Hindu or the Indian express every day for 2-3 hours will not only help you stay connected with general affairs but also help you generate a writing skill. Also, once you get the topic, you must have a draft or a brief about the same in your mind so that you know exactly what needs to come out in the paper as your essay. Arrange your essay in such a manner that your essay looks consistent and well structured. 

Comprehension reading
this part of the test consist of a passage that is given to you followed by 5 questions related with the passage that you must answer correctly. In order to be perfect in this phase, you must read the passage in 3 steps. 1st step is you just go through the passage as a story, not keeping much in mind. The 2nd step includes reading the 5 questions and then reading the passage in order to search answers. And the 3rd and the final step is to correctly point out the answers and summarize and write in your own words. Make sure you do not copy exactly from the passage. Try practicing at home with small exercises. 

Precise writing
this includes writing the gist of the passage in your own words. While doing this keep in mind you should not change the plot of the topic of the passage and also you should use your own language to depict it. Do not copy the sentences from the passage. Read the passage again and again in order to write a perfect summary. 

Grammar based
In this last phase your grammar based knowledge is tested. You can refer to standard books like wren n martin to have a full control over your grammar. This section is comprised of short questions like fill in the blanks or choose the correct option or vocabulary basics. To successfully answer this section you must have a command over this language and to have a command over this language you must go through grammar books and enhance your grammar skills. Reading books and practicing grammar will surely help you clear this section.

The English paper of CAPF assistant commandant is comparatively easy and should not be a problem especially for candidates who have studied in an English medium board having English as their primary language. For other candidates, these article has explained thoroughly what needs to be done in order to score best in the English paper and come out with flying colors. Good luck to all candidates.

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