7 ways to go from camping to glamping

We all have heard about camping; we all know what camping involves. Camping is fun; it is adventurous; it allows you to find peace in the laps of nat

We all have heard about camping; we all know what camping involves. Camping is fun; it is adventurous; it allows you to find peace in the laps of nature. But camping is not for everyone. Not everyone is fond of those bugs, or even the mosquito bites. Camping is fun only when you are healthy, and you can enjoy it. Long treks, cooking outside the tent, setting up the tent, making the tent warm and cozy, all are a part of the camping culture. Does that mean camping means you have to compromise with your comfort? The answer was ‘YES’ a few years back. But now, the travelers and the explorers have changed the meaning of camping. People who do not want to compromise with their comfort and their health can now opt for glamping. Glamping is as fun as camping; but better.

Unlike camping, glamping has managed to juxtapose the best of both worlds. You can now have the comfort of a luxury tent or a luxurious campsite along with the peace and beauty that mother nature has to offer. Glamping will allow you to take a break from the hectic office hours and will let you find some solace in the lap of mother nature. In glamping, you can make your weekend break chic, comfortable, and fun. You can do all of these with experiencing the green, wild, and healing power of nature.

How can you go from camping to glamping?

  1. Pick a place: Just like camping, the place you chose for glamping is of utmost importance. Look for a place that ensures all the comfort that you seek and also promises you the peace of nature. The key is to strike a balance. Look for a campsite that will let you experience the “back to nature”; and will also provide you with a luxurious getaway. These campgrounds have bathrooms, electricity, a gorgeous view, and even lavish pools. Doesn’t even sound like camping; does it?

2. Make it comfortable: After the campsite, comes the tent. Picking out the tent. Make it luxurious; make it fancy; make it comfortable; make the glamping memorable. Finding the right tent can be a hustle. You have to be careful about it. You need a spacious tent if you want to have a comfortable stay. Before you choose a tent, make sure that the tent is easy to put up. It needs to be big and spacious; so that you don’t feel cramped. Be careful about the brand; read some reviews online before you buy a tent. Secure your roof rack with proper  roof rack awning to carry all your gear without any worries.

3. Bring some light into the picture: When nothing makes a place beautiful, the right amount of light will. And tents can never have enough lights. Adding lights will change the whole look of the tent. You will actually be glamping, and needless to say, the selfies will turn out good. Whether you want candles or some fancy LED lights, is your choice.

4. Make it cozy: Don’t be shy to bring along a pretty bohemian rug. Remember that you are there for glamping and not for camping. Going big, extra, and lavish is the whole idea of glamping; so don’t compromise on that. Believe it or not, people even decorate the living space with some flowers. As they say, when in the wild, be wild. But remember not to bring something too fragile.

5. Make a living space: Yes! a living space. That is exactly what glamping can give you and camping won’t. Add some chairs, some plush chairs to the campground. Set up some small stools properly. You can even put a hammock to soak the sun and read some books. Definitely, have some tables of both large and small sizes; installing some cupholders to your chairs is a blessing.

6. Cook the food: Make your kitchen area smartly. Set it up right. A big part of the camping experience is cooking the food together. Imagine cooking the food in the wild while you chill with your gang with some chilled beer; a picture perfect weekend getaway. Make it a point to carry along a multi-burner stove. This will help you to make elaborate meals.

7. Bring some entertainment: How long will you trek, and explore? You will need some fun games to keep yourself entertained. You can even try and set up an outdoor movie screen. Remember, you are glamping and not camping. Whatever you want, you can set up to make the glamping more luxurious and comfortable.

If you crave a break from the mundane life and want to spend some time with yourself, glamping is something you can try. It is comfortable, chic, and not very detached from your everyday luxury life. Glamping is all about making the camping worthwhile; you can even carry your Honda CRF for exploring the woods. This glamping trip will help you to include the comfort of your own house in your tent. You don’t have to go camping anymore; you can go glamping.

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