Make a Gym Mirror your Best Workout Motivation – Here’s how?

Is the secret to great exercising and workouts in the mirror? In today’s fast-paced world, it can be quite hard to find the motivation to squeeze

Is the secret to great exercising and workouts in the mirror?

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be quite hard to find the motivation to squeeze in some time to work out and exercise. Perhaps you’re looking to shave a few pounds and get your body ready for the summer beach. Between your demanding job, taking care of your house chores and social life, you can be left with no steam to encourage yourself to go to the gym.

That’s why more and more people are embracing the idea of the at-home gym. With this approach, you can exercise whenever you have time, whether that’s ten in the morning or ten at night. The trouble with at-home gyms, however, is that there are way too many distractions — kids, TV, neighbors, and whatnot.

Enter the workout mirror. That’s right; you can install a large wall mirror in your home gym to take your workouts to a whole new and exciting. A gym mirror is for more than adoring your fit & chiseled shape. It can also help you stay motivated and power through your exercises and workouts like a champ.

Don’t slap any mirror on the walls of your home gym. Here are 5 nifty tips on how you can convert your gym mirror into an invigorating and exhilarating way to work out.

The Larger the Better

Nearly every recreational facility, fitness center, and gym boast large mirrors inside them these days. And there’s a good reason for that. On top of making the gym environment look and feel brighter and larger, they provide you with the ability to hone on your workouts.

The same can be true for your home gym. Using the right gym mirror to check out your technique, form and postural positioning can make a huge difference in making sure your exercises are effective, safe and hassle-free.

However, a small mirror in the corner of the room may not deliver the right results. That’s why workout specialists recommend that you install a large wall mirror. This should preferably cover almost the entire length of the wall.

Whether you want to observe your hamstrings, butt muscles or neck inclination, a larger mirror will always do a bang-up job. Some people do install mirrors on all sides of the room. If you want to get a 360-degree view, this should be your go-to setup. Nonetheless, you might want to keep the cost factor in mind too.

Take Advantage of the Mirror to Up your Resistance Game

There’s a saying that goes “no pain, no gain” in the world of exercise. There is some nugget of truth in that. And that’s where your gym mirror can come in handy.

Tricep cable extensions, barbell curling, and side lateral raises are some resistance workouts that require attention to detail in your technique and movements. Leverage the mirrors in your gym to move and place your elbow, shoulder and back properly to target the right muscles and ensure your resistance training is effective.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll be able to see both minor and major problems in your form/technique so you can make proper adjustments.

Generate the Right Amount of Momentum

Unless you are a pro weightlifter or bodybuilder, you don’t need to generate a lot of moment to support workout movements. This is pretty common pitfall many amateurs make while trying to lift for weight loss or to stay in shape.

Watch yourself in the gym mirrors. If you notice that you’re generating lots of momentum, you have to execute corrective measures. These include changing to a better technique that generates less momentum, slowing down and reducing the size of weight you’re using.

In short, take advantage of your workout mirror to ensure safe technique, postural positioning, and form, but still get the best exercising results.

Let your Mirror Reflect Only Positivity

Your home gym should be a haven for positivity, and your workout mirrors should add a more positive vibe to the room. As such, you shouldn’t install ceiling-mounted TVs or other gizmos in front of the mirror. That’s because all the tingly and messy cables/wiring can obstruct a clear view.

If you have a big budget, go for hidden televisions or other technologies that can hide behind the mirror. For this case, an in-built TV can be the holy grail. Otherwise, if must have a display in the gym, install a wall-mounted TV.

Remember Not All Exercises Require Help of Mirrors

Watching yourself in the mirror can do well for certain workout styles, but not all. In fact, it can ruin your form for certain exercises. For instance, when doing squats, your lower back should be slightly arched or plain straight. Observing yourself in the mirror while squatting can throw you off the right posture. That’s why it is recommended that you look straight up and avoid looking in the mirror to focus on your squats better.

A gym mirror creates the perfect environment for workouts. However, it’ll do its job only if positioned and used to make your exercises safer and more effective.