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Best SEO Strategies for 2020 Link Building

There is a reason people rush to search engines to look for anything under the sun. The desire for information to quench a burning quest becomes param

There is a reason people rush to search engines to look for anything under the sun. The desire for information to quench a burning quest becomes paramount and this includes available services, merchandise or simply to gratify a desire for information.

There is an intention behind every Google search. When scouring the web, people are searching for something they’re not able to get from any other source. Sources to obtain products they’re after, information about services or simply to communicate.

And since Google is able to recognize this intention, it displays pages in search results that in terms of relevance are closest to what the user is searching for.

Because of this, having a good grasp of user intent and writing content with the users intent in mind is a must if you’re looking to improve the relevance of your search results pages, and at the same time improving your SEO.

What is link building?

Simply put, link building of promoting a website whether your own or a third party with the sole intention of securing a hyperlink from their site to your own web page.

All business owners and marketing strategists should be interested in building links to attract traffic and increase revenues and the authority of the website.

The desire to build links is simple. Google’s algorithms are always evolving and complex, but links continue to remain constant and are an important factor when it comes to how a search engine determines which site to rank for which keyword.

Links are some of the factors algorithms use in search engine optimization because they tell Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. So websites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.

This is a must option if you own a website and want people to visit your website. You must strive to secure good links from relevant websites. This is not rocket science.

There are certain tools that are easily acquired to build strong social links, including creativity, good communication skills, persistence, and marketing ideas.

Why links are important

Without links, it’s easy to get hopelessly lost on the web. They’re the chief paths or routes for online navigation, directing you from one web page to another web page.

People have come to associate links to a signal of trust and authority. Search engines themselves consider links authoritative partners when it comes to navigation from one website to another and places so much confidence in them to provoke user interest, retain the interest and influence decision making.

And this is why links are valuable in search engine optimization, audience development, relationship building, and marketing.

So what are the best SEO strategies for 2019 link building?

  1.     Patience

One important strength in link building is patience. It takes time to build a sizable number of links and this requires patience. Shortcuts are discouraged and since Google has its own guidelines, violating these guidelines can have devastating consequences. So avoid taking chances.

  1.     Create content and promote it

Take time to create unique and compelling quality content that readers will naturally want to refer to and link to and tell others about it. You need to spread the word before others can find it and link to it.

  1.     Link to partners, colleagues, and friends

Tell people you know about your site and ask them to link to it. This works best if you’re in the same industry or niche. It also creates relevance and good networking for sites that are in the same general industry as yours will have more value than links from unrelated random sites.

  1.     If possible hire an influencer marketer

Influencer marketers can command millions of followers online and they can be a valuable resource in link building. Hire them if you can to promote your product, service or website in front of other influencers in your industry. You will be amazed by how a simple word of mouth from an influencer will influence a “buy” decision.

  1.     Invite guest bloggers

If you’ve never considered guest blogging before, then this is the time to do it. Guest bloggers offer many benefits via useful content and can even help your business to be more successful. A guest blog can give you the opportunity on what goes on in the minds of readers. Much the same as having a friendly chat with friends and colleagues over a drink. Bloggers, like influencer marketers, command huge following and can also influence a “buy” decision.

  1.     Demonstrate authority

Show readers your authority by demonstrating your expertise in a niche area. Once a site publishes your guest post, the site recognizes you as someone they can trust as an authority in a particular field. By writing about your niche area, you build your credibility and readers will identify you as the “go to” person for that kind information. Once readers identify with your content, it’s easy to open their purse strings and wallets.

  1.     Use infographics

Readers use infographics all the time and enjoy sharing them.  The reason for this is because visual content is snapped faster than text and nobody wants to read a 5000-word blog post if the infographic can do the trick.  They want to scan the infographic and get the information in seconds or minutes.

  1.     Share content on social media

There is evidence to show sharing content on social media is an effective link building strategy.

  1.     Link building using videos

Research shows that 67 percent of SEOs find link building using videos to be effective. Many experts noticed a lot of success in self-hosting videos and when they shared them on the social media pages. So this is the right time to include some video in your backlink developing strategy.


It is worth mentioning that not all good quality content becomes effective when it comes to link building.  Content that touches on data and research does very well as opposed to content related to webinars.

That does not mean that webinars are inferior or that you should stop creating them. Backlinks are just one among many other ranking signals that promote audience growth along with onpage factors. And remember that if you can create content that readers are going to love then you’re doing okay.

Author’s Bio:

Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who help businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.