Must-see places to visit when traveling to the UAE

The UAE, or the United Arab Emirates, is an attractive and diverse destination for tourists from all over the world. The combination of great beaches

The UAE, or the United Arab Emirates, is an attractive and diverse destination for tourists from all over the world. The combination of great beaches, modern cities, luxurious hotels, and rich cultural history makes this country a popular travel destination. In this article, we will look at the must-see places to visit during your trip to the UAE.

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

The mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful. The white marble of the walls dazzles in the sun during the day, and at night it is illuminated, not like a lantern, but with a very subdued soft light, creating the illusion of a fairy tale.

Four slender minarets (more than 100 m high) and 82 domes create a surprisingly harmonious architectural ensemble. More than 1,000 Italian-style columns, finely adorned with gemstone floral designs, are reflected in the pools around the perimeter.

Inside there is the world’s largest carpet, 7 luxurious chandeliers, marble, gold, precious stones, and Swarovski crystals. All this splendor is not flashy at all but is done with great taste. I am glad that tourists, not Muslims at all, can visit the mosque, following simple rules.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a city within a city. More than 1000 outlets will satisfy any shopaholic. Boutiques of many popular brands are located on Modnaya Street, and gold diamonds – are on the Gold Bazaar.

True, the prices are too high, but who stopped it? Many come to the mall not even for shopping, but for entertainment. You will not surprise anyone with all the usual cinema (for 22 halls), restaurants, and cafes for every taste.

But few can boast an aquarium and underwater zoo, a virtual reality park, an authentic dinosaur fossil, a haunted house, an interactive children’s theme park, and an Olympic-sized ice rink. The main thing is that you don’t have to go far, everything is grouped in one huge complex.

Dubai Frame

Two towers 150 meters high were connected at the top by a glass bridge and a giant-sized photo frame was obtained. It frames modern Dubai on one side and on the other side the city from which it all began.

A visit to the interactive, very visual museum plunges you into the past – an ordinary fishing village, this is how Dubai was some 70 years ago. Then take the elevator up to 48 floors and look at the modern city with skyscrapers and other sights.

Miracle Garden in Dubai

It is truly a miracle to grow a garden full of flowers in the middle of the desert. It is open for visitors from November to May, then nothing grows in the sweltering heat all summer, and in the fall they change the exposition, wait for the flowers to bloom, and welcome guests again.

Pots with the simplest plants are fixed on frames several meters high and an automatic watering system is arranged. A riot of colors, various figures, and aromas create a truly fabulous atmosphere and original photographs. A visit to the Miracle Garden can be combined with the nearby Butterfly Garden.

Hatta Natural Pools

Several natural pools among rocky landscapes in the Hajar Mountains are very atypical for the United Arab Emirates, which is why they are so popular with locals. Even a very bad road does not stop.

Clear blue water refreshes after a sweltering heat, and the surrounding beauty will make you forget about all the problems. Curved canyons with crystal water from underground sources, surrounded by unusual mountains without any vegetation, form a fantastic picture.


Yes, a good half of everything interesting in the UAE, if not more, is located in Dubai. But don’t limit your trip to just one city. Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman and more – each of these cities has something special. Yes, and nature has endowed the Emirates, albeit sometimes harsh, but beautiful sights.

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