What is the best microwave oven: Conventional or Convection?

Conventional ovens In the kitchen, the conventional oven is an appliance and is used for baking, cooking, heating or roasting food. The operation

Conventional ovens

In the kitchen, the conventional oven is an appliance and is used for baking, cooking, heating or roasting food. The operation of the conventional oven is through hot air. The way to heat the air is by means of electrical resistance or by burning some fuel, be it gas, wood or coal. Generally, only electric or gas are used in homes. For practical purposes, there is no difference between the operation of the gas oven or the electric oven when baking, although it must be taken into account: the gas oven heats faster than the electric oven and the electric oven has a higher rack to brown the food, which the gas oven must do differently.

The oven’s temperature measurement system is also different since the electric one works with a thermostat that turns the resistors on and off to maintain a constant temperature, while the gas one works with marks, which guarantee the burning of a specific amount of fuel, which maintains the heat. Lately, gas ovens have built-in thermostats that regulate the gas flow to maintain a uniform temperature. As said before, cooking food is through the air, which naturally flows through the oven, which causes the food to heat differently depending on where it is placed; the top is hotter than the bottom. Much of the energy used by conventional ovens heat the air inside instead of cooking the food. Each time the door is opened, it takes time for the oven to reach the desired temperature again. This results in an uneven temperature, with spikes that can sabotage a cook’s efforts.

Convection Microwave ovens

A conventional oven which is best for your home cooks food from the bottom up, creating hot and cold places inside. Convection ovens have fans that keep hot indoor air circulating constantly. These fans break down the thin layer of cold air that naturally surrounds food that is placed in the oven. With this method, you can cook food evenly. The convection oven is used by those who really know how to cook or by the most famous chefs in the hospitality world. The convection oven is much more expensive than conventional ones, and they require much more space than typical home ovens. 

The grace of convection ovens is in the fact that they manage to create a uniform temperature within themselves. It is not that they distribute the temperature randomly, but that their internal fans make the temperature the same in each corner of the oven. Thanks to this system, the shorter cooking time in food will be required. It is said that a person can save up to 20% less time in the preparation of each recipe. At the same time, it will be possible to work at a lower temperature than if it were done in a conventional oven. Adding the fan to the convection oven has several advantages. First, as air circulates, it ensures that the entire oven is at a stable temperature. Cooks can place the elements on all tracks without worrying about a blockage in the element’s thermal radiation makes it the best microwave oven in India.