Shopping for the Best Singapore Gold Diamond Ring for Your Engagement

Purchasing the first diamond ring for your loved someone should be a memorable moment. Whether you are shopping alone for a surprise proposal, or you

Purchasing the first diamond ring for your loved someone should be a memorable moment. Whether you are shopping alone for a surprise proposal, or you are shopping with your SO for the most gorgeous gold solitaire ring money can buy; you need to remember a couple of things before you can say “I do” to the ring.

Decide on a budget

Without a set budget, you will find it challenging to choose one out of the dazzling array of gold and diamond designs for your love. Setting a price range will help you shortlist a few stellar designs and simplify the process.

Understand the diamond

Buying a Singapore gold diamond ring can be easy, as long as you have done your homework. Apart from the cut, color, clarity, and carat, you need to pay attention to the finer details like the table%, depth%, fire, scintillation, and brilliance of the stone under natural light. Never buy the first largest diamond in any Singapore store that you can afford. Always ask the jeweler about ideal cut and super ideal cut diamonds of equal weights and GIA certifications.

Know about the gold

Insuring larger diamond and gold rings might be a bit challenging. However, talk to your jeweler about the size of the diamond, purity of the gold, and the prong details that can make insuring it possible. Apart from yellow gold, you can choose rose gold and white gold bands depending on your SO’s personal choice. Solitaires on white gold is a timeless design that a person can wear with other jewelry or stack with their wedding ring.

Solitaire vs. Sidestone

Solitaires are the jeweler’s favorites for many reasons – they are simple, yet classic. They can accentuate the cuts and shapes of the diamond with perfection. If you want to choose a larger, finer cut diamond, you should go with a solitaire with a six-prong setting.

On the other hand, side stones can save the central diamond, if it is of lower cut grade. Some diamond shapes perform well with side stones, and these include emerald cuts, oval cuts and pear cut diamonds on gold rings. In such settings, smaller diamonds or other birthstones flank the central diamond to impart more sparkle and color.

Halo setting for diamonds

Another favorite setting for a cushion cut or emerald cut diamond is a halo setting. Smaller stones, which can also be diamonds, surround the central larger diamond in a pave setting. If you are going to pick a round cut diamond, with high brilliance, fire, and scintillation, you can go with a standard solitaire setting instead of a halo setting.

Why go to a trusted jewelry store?

A reliable and experienced jeweler in Singapore can make your engagement ring shopping fun and hassle-free. He or she can explain the concept of cuts and justify the prices of seemingly smaller gemstones with high clarity and better cuts. Always remember to ask for the GIA report on the diamond’s grading, before you purchase.