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8 of the best car accident attorneys and law firms in Houston Sutliffstout.com

If you are looking to hire a law firm or a Houston car accident lawyer in Huston to handle your car accident case, then here is a list of the best car

If you are looking to hire a law firm or a Houston car accident lawyer in Huston to handle your car accident case, then here is a list of the best car accident attorneys and law firms:

List of the Best Car accident attorneys in Houston

  • Charles J. Argento
  • Brad T. Wyly
  • J. Christopher Dean
  • The Freeman Law Firm
  • Zehl & Associates
  • McDonald Worley
  • Stewart J. Guss
  • Gary S. Tucker & Associates, P.C.

1- Charles J. Argento 

This lawyer is known for defending people who usually get injured in a car accident, medical cases, truck accidents, and many more. He also worked on cases regarding wrongful death, helping to obtain the best compensation. Argento is known to be one of the top lawyers in Huston for providing the best services for clients. The H Texas Magazine was also selected to be one of the most professional attorneys in 2016. He received more than one award for being one of the top lawyers in the U.S. Argento is a member of several lawyer associations in Houston.

2- Brad T. Wyly

He has approximately 18 years of experience in the field of law. He works in several areas such as car and truck accidents, wrongful death claims, personal injury claims, insurance claims, and more. WYLY is considered to be an active member of more than one Law Association. 

 3- J. Christopher Dean 

He has 25 years of legal experience.  Based in Houston, Texas, Dean has worked on several cases, including car accidents, brain injury, truck accidents, and others. He received many awards for his work in many unique cases throughout his years of work. Many magazines have chosen him to be of the top 100 lawyers in the U.S. 

4- The Freeman Law Firm   

This firm provides the people living in Texas with great advice based on a huge experience throughout the years. Many of the professional lawyers work for this firm, offering clients the best client experience ever. They work on car accident cases and have achieved great results for their clients. 

5- Zehl & Associates  

This firm represents car accident victims in both Texas and the U.S. The lawyers have achieved the biggest compensation among the states. They can offer you a proven work record. They also work for some of the biggest companies in the United States. You will want this firm to stand by your side if you have a car accident.

6- McDonald Worley  

This is an award-winning firm. They work on several issues such as car accidents, bicycle accidents, texting and driving accidents, and many more. You can easily trust them because of their wide experience in such fields. They will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Their lawyers have been supporting many clients over the years. If you face any bad situation in Huston, Texas this firm should be the first to contact. 

7- Gary S. Tucker & Associates, P.C.

This firm can easily work on several cases such as car accidents, truck accidents, malpractice claims, drunk driving charges, and more across the Houston area in Texas. Their lawyers work with the clients daily to obtain the best results. They focus on each client to understand their needs and that is why they are known to be one of the best firms in Texas. 

8- Stewart J. Guss

Guss is one of the prominent lawyers across Texas, who help to serve many clients. With more than 20 years of experience, he was able to win several cases and obtain the best compensation for people who suffered due to car accidents and other issues. 

Some of these accidents are motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, dangerous property conditions, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, and many others. He was selected to be one of the top personal injury lawyers in 2013. A magazine named him as one of the best lawyers across the United States in 2015.

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