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Best and High-quality MRI scan centers in Hyderabad

The MRI which is the acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the technology of using the magnetic fields and radio waves to view the organs and soft

The MRI which is the acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the technology of using the magnetic fields and radio waves to view the organs and soft tissues. This advanced piece of medical equipment helps in diagnosing a variety of ailments and malfunctions of the human body. The MRI scan Hyderabad is available as different centers that help the patients to know about their ailments location more precisely. It is hugely helpful to diagnose the crucial and malicious ailments at its initial stage that helps the patients to take care of their body and get a cure from their ailments more quickly.

The working of the MRI scan is by emitting the radio waves to our body. A constant beam of radio frequencies and magnetic field, when passed through the human body, helps in bouncing off the fat and water molecules. These radio waves are transmitted using the machine in the receiver and this translation of waves into the human body will help in examining the organs more precisely. The machine will be louder and you will be provided with the earplugs or headphones to make the sound more bearable. There are many MRI scan centers in Hyderabad where you can get the best results of your body tissues and organs.

Types of MRI scan centers at Hyderabad

With the most accurate and precision over the minute organs inside the human body, the MRI scan is preferred to the CT scan. The MRI tends to produce more detailed images compared to the CT scans. Various tissues and organs like joints, brain, ankles, breasts, wrists, heart, and blood vessels can be diagnosed easily. Following are the top MRI scans available for various body parts.

  • Lumbar spine: Most MRI scan centers in Hyderabad can diagnose the ailments related to the lumbar spine. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanning for lumbar spine involves detecting the abnormalities of the spinal cord, checking for the inflammation for any spinal nerves, checking for the spinal alignments, detecting any tumor growth on or around the spinal cord, monitoring the spine after a severe injury, and finding the reasons for severe back pain of the patient.
  • Cervical spine: The cervical spine MRI is usually done when the symptom of neck pain persists over a longer period. If the pain has not shown any improvement after various treatments, then the doctors would suggest a cervical spine MRI scan. A cervical spine MRI can detect birth deformities since the birth, infection in the spine or near the spinal cord, an injury or severe trauma at the backbone, scoliosis or abnormality in the curvature of the spine, and detecting the cancer cells or growth of any tumors on the spine.
  • Abdomen: The abdominal MRI scan is usually done to detect various issues after the symptoms. Any abnormal pain or prolonged ailment in the abdominal area can make a doctor to suggest the abdominal MRI scan. Many MRI scan centers in Hyderabad helps to detect the functioning of the lymph nodes, investigating the reason behind pain or swelling, examining the blood flow, and also making the examination of blood vessels.
  • Arm: It is also called a Shoulder MRI scan which is the largest portion of the human body parts. It is also the complicated one that is used for multiple purposes. Three major bones that help in the easy movements of the body but also result in various types of pain to them. Most symptoms to take an MRI scan in shoulders include pain or injury. The scan can help in the detection of dislocation of shoulder joints, arthritis, rotator cuff tears, sports-related injuries, bone fractures, sudden pain which are unexplainable, swelling, infections, and decreased range of motions.
  • Chest: If something is suspected as an abnormality or wrong in the chest area, then you can visit your nearby MRI scan centers in Hyderabad. The MRI can be able to detect cancer, the ailment that affects your organs, blockage of blood vessels, injury, heart problems, tumors, and the lymph system problems.
  • Abdomen and pelvis: To find any congenital disabilities around the abdomen or pelvis area, the Pelvis MRI can be done. It helps in the detection of injury or trauma in pelvis, infection, pain in the lower abdomen, difficulties in urinating or defecating, and cancer in the pelvis or reproductive organs.
  • Angiogram: The MRI Angiography also called as MRA will help in the detection of patients suffering from heart disease, stroke, narrowing of the aorta, carotid artery disease, renal artery stenosis, and other heart-related ailments.

Testing through MRI scan

  • Taking the test: The person who takes the test at any MRI scan centers in Hyderabad will have to lie down on a movable table. The procedure will be painless and noisy, but you will be given an earplug during the process.
  • Time to take the test: The maximum time that requires taking an MRI scan will range from 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Finding the scan centers: The MRI scan centers in Hyderabad can be found with the help of internet. Many centers have provided their contact information through which you can call and make an appointment easily.
  • Test results: The test results of the MRI scans carried out will be provided usually in a couple of hours. With the help of the results, the treatment will be provided by the doctors.

You can easily find several MRI scan Hyderabad centres which are affordable and those who will provide the results at the earliest. Some MRI scan centres may also provide offers and discounts to take the examination. You can find these centers by a little research online and contacting them over the telephone. You do not have to worry about the effect of harmful radiation as most centers allow the radiation at the prescribed range. The method helps in producing the images with more precision and helps to take care of the ailments at the earliest.

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