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SEO Smart Link Way to Quickly Auto Internal Linking your Blog and Post

Internal links, also known as hyperlinks, are crucial to your blog because they help Google understand your site pages and share your post blogs. As

Internal links, also known as hyperlinks, are crucial to your blog because they help Google understand your site pages and share your post blogs. As you can see, they are vital for they boost the site’s SEO and Google ranking. What you need are affordable SEO services that understand all the smart tactics to nail this. Otherwise, you can use link building tools such as Ahrefs and Moz Pro. They help to fetch the pages with most link authority so users can find them. Then, you can pick the pages and start Internal Linking them to the other pages that you want to rank higher. Take a look at the smart Internal Linking plugins curated for you to help internal auto-link your blog below:

Best Internal Linking plugins your Blog and Post

  • Mentionable
  • Internal Link Juicer
  • WP Lift
  • WP Optimizer
  • Link Whisper
  • WPVilla
  • Automatic Post Tagger


The tool responsible for identifying your older posts is Mentionable. First, you will need to type the title of the former position; then, the device recognizes it and several others with the same heading so you can pick the appropriate one. Using the Settings panel, you can choose which posts that the plugin needs to fetch. You can easily add Facebook links. The advantage of using this tool is even better because after uninstalling, it doesn’t remove the earlier interlinked content.

Internal Link Juicer


WP Lift

This plugin can be your solution for auto-building internal links in your blog posts. After choosing your keyword, the juicer uses a smart per-post configuration to place them automatically. It boosts your on-page SEO and improves your user experience. It diversifies your anchor texts effortlessly, enabling a natural linking way.

It finds posts having generated links that they shouldn’t and blacklists them, while it whitelists those who should have them. With its high-performance feature, you get a quick page rendering on the frontend. To be on the safe side, hiring affordable SEO services who are experienced and knowledgeable is better.

WP Optimizer

This plugin uses an algorithm to interlink your old blogs to new ones. Its auto-link feature associates the posts with your target keywords, linking them whenever you use the keyword. Another critical element is image optimization, which adds a watermark to your images and reduces their size without ruining their quality. It enhances the speed of the blog. With its speed optimization, the cache, CSS, JavaScript, HTML all get optimized, and the website loading is much faster by the use of CDN. It also comes with “Optimise Traffic,” which is an important feature that lowers your site’s bounce rate and improves your page views.

Link Whisper



This smart WordPress tool is quite advanced, and upon installation, it scans all your site’s content and suggests words for you that you can link to. However, if you are inexperienced, it is advisable to hire affordable SEO services lest you damage your system.

Automatic Post Tagger

As the name depicts, the tools automatically link your existing blogs to new ones. Unlike the WP Optimizer that connects old to new posts, this one searches for new blogs. And if they find a term name related to your earlier content, it adds a taxonomy term to that post because it supports custom taxonomies.

The best feature that you will appreciate from this tool is the bulk tagging, which allows you to interlink your previous posts. Finally, most people will love the support of UTF-8 characters that include Arabic and Chinese.

A quick way to set the plugin;

First, you have to create several tags having some related words. Then, depending on the title of the keywords found, the tool adds them to the post. You have the liberty to set the maximum tags you can get per post. Now you go to the setting pages and click the tag name and keywords to configure. It only needs a one-time setting.

SEO Smart Links Premium

It is yet another automatic interlink tool that you can control most actions from the administration panel. Like you can set your keywords with matching URLs, which allows you to add a “no-follow” attribute. You can also put unlimited links that help to increase your traffic and lower bounce rates. The plugin is free to download, although you can get the premium version with more features such as caching- this, together with interlinking, your website benefits with high ranking. 

SEO Auto Linker


When you use specific keywords, this smart tool picks the relevant links and adds them to your content. From your menu settings, you can link the keywords to the URL upon identification, and then the links will be added.

Place your link under your content.

If you want to impress the search engines and get better rankings, the secret is to place your link just below your description at the beginning of your post. It helps the crawlers to find the page- connections faster. It is, therefore, advisable to interlink your relevant posts at the very start of your content. Preferably, under your meta description. 


Manual interlinking takes time, and it is not efficient. That’s why everyone needs to embrace the auto-link using the methods and tools shared in this article, which saves time, primarily if you deal with a lot of content publishing. Internal Linking plugins also helps to keep your posts looking new and fresh always, improving the indexation of your site. If you don’t find time to do all these, hire affordable SEO services, and let the experts take care of your website.

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